I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Transfer

The Hua family was selling their shares to Yu Tang and pushed him for payment as soon as possible. Yu Tang was also very agreeable. He was backed by the powerful financial group that was Big Fish Capital, so the Hua family was reassured.

The transfer procedure would take about a week’s worth of time. Yu Tang promised to immediately transfer the money over and settle the accounts on the day of the completion of the transfer.

There were ten days left to the deadline for the land and the Hua family urged the agents in charge of the relevant procedures to complete them as soon as possible without delaying even a single day. But a country’s operations could not be hurried, and seven days soon passed.

During this period, the hearing regarding Chu Qin’s kidnapping case had not halted a single bit. Luo Yuan had already been arrested and Zhou Zimeng had yet to be released. Due to the message, Mother Zhong had also been included in the ranks of a criminal suspect and had been called in to the police station twice.

“Zhou Zimeng knows very well that they hired those people, yet she still got me to send the message. She’s obviously dragging me down,” Mother Zhong returned from the police station and sat in the living room, fuming.

“She asked you to send and you sent, who do you want to blame?” Father Zhong was watching TV at the sofa.

The TV was playing Shengshi TV’s Qixi evening party and the host was unquestionably Chu Qin. Shengshi’s evening party was always done in a very lively manner and current famous singers and film stars would be invited to perform.

Chu Qin was dressed in a sapphire-blue formal suit and peacock feathers were pinned at the chest. On others, this clothing would seem gaudy but on Chu Qin, it was just nice. A popular Wanwan radio host Xiao Qian was invited as the female host and she was similarly attired in the exact same shade of dress, with the peacock feathers on her shoulder.

After an intense opening dance, Chu Qin walked out from the aerial platform and spoke into the microphone with an enthusiastic voice, “Welcome to Shengshi TV’s Qixi Acting Spoiled Evening Dinner. I am Chu Qin!”

Mother Zhong’s rage was incited from seeing Chu Qin’s face. She took the remote control and switched to the next channel, which played the soap operas she watched every day.

“Popo[1], I know my wrongs, please don’t chase me out…” The female lead wept bitter tears as she apologized. At the side, the mistress watched on coolly.

The corner of Father Zhong’s mouth twitched. He used the system on the sofa armrest to change the channel back to Shengshi.

“Aiya!” Xiao Qian had just walked on stage when she made a show of tripping over her skirt.

Chu Qin hurriedly went forward to help her up, saying smilingly as he did so, “Xiao Qian, you don’t have to be so courteous, Laolao[2] won’t be giving out any red packets[3] today.” This statement originated from the classic film <Spirit of the Winsome Woman>. The female lead in the film was also called Xiao Qian[4] who controlled the soul of a monster which called her Laolao.

Xiao Qian was also quick-witted. She grabbed onto Chu Qin’s arm, “Laolao, why are you dressed so coquettishly today, are you in heat[5]?” The style of Wanwan’s hosts had always leaned towards shooting their mouths off.

“Go away!” Chu Qin pushed her away in dislike, causing the audience to burst out into laughter. He was fully aware that Xiao Qin slipped yet Chu Qin didn’t intend to cover up for her at all. Instead, he directly used it as a joke, alleviating the awkward atmosphere in a minute.

Father Zhong raised his eyebrows slightly. This youngster was indeed somewhat interesting.

“You’re still watching, do you know it was this male vixen who seduced your son! Just looking at him makes me angry,” Mother Zhong switched back to her soap operas once again.

“It’s not him who seduced your son, it was your son who seduced him,” Father Zhong said plainly. Father Zhong was furious after Zhong Yibin came out of the closet and also got people to investigate. Without needing anyone to file a lawsuit, he found out after investigating that Chu Qin was Zhong Yibin’s boyfriend.

When Chu Qin was still competing at the national broadcasting station, Shengshi TV was still just a private broadcasting station. They couldn’t broadcast via satellite, so their ratings also suffered. At that time, Zhong Yibin was in the prime of youth and wanted to do the business well. Father Zhong also told him that if he could sign the competition’s champion, he would hand Shengshi TV and Shengshi Entertainment over to him to manage.

Zhong Yibin really went ahead and even managed to get that lively youngster to sign under them. Due to Chu Qin’s immense popularity among youths at that time, Shengshi TV was also put under immense scrutiny. Chu Qin had no need to rely on Zhong Yibin to move up, he was his own greatest capital. No matter where he went, he would be that station’s pillar.

It was just a pity that he was a guy… Father Zhong let out a sigh.

“Popo, you can’t be like this! Wuwuwu[6]…” The channel changed again, this time to a dog blood[7] drama. Father Zhong rubbed his temples and went upstairs. His youngest son had to be fussed over from young and he took after his mother, headstrong and obstinate, lacking the ability yet wanting to boast about his merits. Lately, he had indeed improved by quite a bit after losing his memories. Was it really Chu Qin who knew how to educate him like what his eldest son said?

Just as he reached the staircase, Father Zhong turned back to look at his wife seated on the sofa and decided not to bring Zhong Yibin back home for the time being.

Seven days quickly went by and Hua Jiaxing was at the Director’s office waiting for the funds to enter the bank when his family’s secretary suddenly rushed in, “Director, something happened.”

Hua Jiaxing’s heart thumped, “What happened?”

“The approval didn’t go through,” The secretary said with a pale face, “The material submitted lacked a confirmation document. The Securities Regulatory Commission just notified us to resubmit.”

Hua Jiaxing stood up heavily, “Why was a confirmation document missing, who was in charge of this?”

“The project department…” The secretary reported the name of the person-in-charge.

“Get him to come to my office,” Hua Jiaxing’s eyes with filled with rage. The procedure didn’t go through, the funds wouldn’t arrive, and their land was about to be disappear.

The secretary went off in a flurry. Hua Jiaxing picked up his phone and called Yu Tang.

Yu Tang held a crystal goblet and swirled the iced coke inside. Walking to Song Xiao, who was currently reading a book, he passed the cup to him and picked up the call.

Song Xiao ignored him, one hand raising the cup and the other holding the book up.

“Director Hua, this isn’t your first time doing a transaction involving shares correct?” Yu Tang drank a mouthful of coke from the cup held in his wife’s hand, “There is no such principle as advance payment.”

Hua Jiaxing but no choice but to voice their urgent need for money to purchase land, “… The transaction has to be completed before the 28th. If advance payment isn’t possible then we won’t be selling the shares.”

“Let’s do it like this,” Yu Tang took back the glass cup and played with Song Xiao’s hand, “Continue the transfer procedures. Once I receive the transfer agreement, I will fork out the funds.”

The transfer agreement would take effect as long as it was stamped with both parties’ and the Securities Regulatory Commission’s seals. The procedure would take approximately three days, but it was possible for it to completed in two days if they rushed the process.

Hua Jiaxing expressed his gratitude once again. Yu Tang was willing to pay half the amount once the transfer agreement was out. The Hua family was originally only lacking that small amount, so this half was sufficient.

After working against the clock incessantly, the transfer agreement finally landed in their hands on the last day. The employee delivering the material to Big Fish sped to Big Fish’s Yinyu Building and passed it to Yu Tang. Yu Tang filled up the application form for the transfer of funds on the spot.

However, the Hua family didn’t receive the funds even after ending work. The bank the Hua family used stated that a sum of money was in the middle of transfer, but it was delayed by the national bank. Since it was a Friday, the national bank ended work at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. On their end, the funds had only been sent at 3.15pm and the services for handling transfers had already stopped.

This was also to say that Yu Tang had already sent them the money, but it was dangling in limbo, so they weren’t able to get a hold of it. They would need to wait till Monday at 8 o’clock in the morning before they would receive it. This was akin to a bolt from the blue.

And on the auction’s end, their work continued during the weekends. Since they had not received the funds, the right to purchase was automatically transferred to Shengshi Group. Zhong Yibin was at the venue waiting and once 5’o clock went by, he picked up the contract and signed his name.

[1] 婆婆: Term for mother-in-law or grandmother

[2] 姥姥: Term for maternal grandmother

[3] 红包: Red envelopes are presented as gifts at social and family gatherings such as weddings or holidays like Chinese New Year and commonly contain money. Wrapping lucky money in red envelopes is expected to bestow more happiness and blessings on the receivers. In slang, it can also mean bonus payment or bribes.

[4] Though the spelling is the same, the word ‘Xiao’ is pronounced differently from the female host’s Xiao Qian.

[5] 开屏: Literal translation is the act of a peacock spreading its tail, which we famously know as what it does when it tries to attract mates, which is why the translation is ‘in heat’

[6] 呜: Onomatopoeia for weeping sounds

[7] Slang for dramatic/over the top

Translator’s corner: Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! 🌹

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