I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Invitation

If this was the past, Hua Jiaxing would make use of the discord between the two brothers to his advantage. But now, he didn’t like this sort of animosity at all. On the contrary, he wished for mutual respect between the Zhong family’s brothers and for them to set aside Luo Yuan’s issue for the sake of obtaining the land and benefiting their family.

Zhong Yibin was already openly meddling in the kidnapping case and appeared hell bent on pursuing the matter. Hua Jiaxing believed that if it were not for the issue having already blown up, Zhong Yibin would definitely get people to kidnap and rape Luo Yuan a couple of rounds. Going through Zhong Yibin would be setting himself up for failure, which was why he sought out the Zhong family’s eldest child instead. Yet, even Zhong Jiabin faced him with such an attitude.

“As long as we give that plot of land up, it’ll be yours for 5.1 billion. Shengshi belongs to the whole Zhong family. As the older brother, you should also try to persuade him at crucial times,” Hua Jiaxing said meaningfully. He subtly indicated that should Zhong Jiabin attain this project over his brother, his father would surely consider him the more capable one.

By coincidence, the secretary pushed open the door at this moment, “Director, the meeting is about to start.”

Zhong Jiabin nodded his head slightly and looked Hua Jiaxing up and down, “If Director Hua has nothing more to say, I’ll leave first.” Hua Jiaxing had no choice but to get up and take his leave, he was aware that dallying any further wouldn’t be of any help either.

Zhong Yibin was currently a lion with its fur standing on end and could not be provoked. After thinking it over, he could only search for Father Zhong. This issue even involved Mother Zhong, Zhong Yibin that hothead did things without concern while Zhong Jiabin the poisonous older brother naturally would not care about his brother stirring up matters. Only Father Zhong would take into consideration their reputation.

“This matter even implicated your Aunty, I feel pained as well,” Father Zhong was Hua Jiaxing’s elder, so he needed to call him Uncle. It was also necessary for him to call Mother Zhong aunty when speaking of her. Father Zhong got straight to the point after opening the door, sparing Hua Jiaxing from using it to threaten him.

“That’s right. Chu Qin is a public figure and this case will surely be given a public hearing. When the media reports on it, everyone’s face will be tarnished,” Hua Jiaxing froze for a moment. Though he hurriedly echoed Father Zhong’s words, he was inwardly indignant. It was him who snatched that plot of land so if the project was a success, his report from the board of directors at the end of the year would definitely look very impressive. But now, he had to give up on it without complaints because of that nephew who wasn’t deserving of respect.

Father Zhong looked faintly at Hua Jiaxing, “But she only sent one message, she can be cleared after investigation. I heard your father even concealed crucial evidence. Moreover, from what I know, Yuhua seems to be lacking in funds for the land.” The implied meaning was that the plot of land would still belong to them even if they didn’t interfere in the case. Using this as a favor didn’t carry much meaning.

Hua Jiaxing’s face turned ugly. This old fox, taking advantage of them yet acting as if he suffered losses, this was raising the price!

When Zhong Yibin walked into the Group’s hall, he happened to bump into the ashen-faced Hua Jiaxing, who was on his way out. The two of them made eye contact and Zhong Yibin plastered on a cold smile, directly heading over to him, “What, you can’t buy the land so you came to my house to be a leech?”

“Just for one man, is it worth it?” Hua Jiaxing also smiled coldly. From his perspective, giving up seven or eight hundred million just for Chu Qin was sheer stupidity.

“I’m not doing it solely for Chu Qin,” Zhong Yibin pointed at his own head, “Those people your nephew hired almost split my head open. If they had used more strength, I would be an idiot. No matter what anyone says, I must repay this favor.”

Every member of the Zhong family was more difficult to handle than the next. Father Zhong did show some signs of relenting but that was in return for greater benefits. Even if his father acquiesced to giving those benefits, Hua Jiaxing would never do the same. He wouldn’t be right in the mind if he allowed the property that would eventually belong to him to reduce for the sake of that nephew.

After returning to Yuhua, he conveyed the Zhong family’s attitudes to Father Hua. He concealed a portion while embellishing another part. Father Hua immediately flared up, “Is he treating our Hua family as pushovers. We offered a huge piece of meat to him, yet that person surnamed Zhong still wants another piece, how can such a cheap thing happen!”

The Hua family stopped attempting to give up the land and decided to dump the shares they just obtained from Old Waves to make up the amount. They had already bought the entire plot of land and wouldn’t let the Zhong family obtain it.

“I’m going to earn 8 billion, do you still need to be scared that I can’t fish Luo Yuan out after I bring out the entire amount?” Hua Zhongyuan berated his weeping daughter and urged her to think long-term.

Only then did Hua Jiayue stop her crying. Her son did hire kidnappers, but the ‘rape’ and ‘blackmail’ did not occur. Even if Zhong Yibin did take a hit, he still turned out perfectly fine and could even oppose them so vehemently. Even if Luo Yuan was sentenced to prison, he wouldn’t be given more than a few years. As long as they were willing to foot the money, they could fish him out very quickly. It was just that the label of a criminal would ruin his future prospects and her husband’s career would be severely affected. “Then quickly take action now, don’t let the case be given a public hearing, the media’s side also…”

“Naturally, I will reduce the effect it has on the Hua family to the minimum. But Jie Fu[1] is in the entertainment industry, so you will have to think of ideas yourself,” Hua Jiaxing said coldly, his words tactful. If he were to resolve the issue for them in one move, this family of three wouldn’t acknowledge his efforts and would even take it for granted.

The Hua family wanted to dump Old Waves’ shares, but they had invested a considerable amount of money into acquiring them because of the competition with Yu Tang, which led to the price of the shares soaring sky-high. Now it was impossible to stop halfway. The price was too high, and nobody was willing to purchase them. The stock market fluctuated rapidly, and in recent times, the price of Old Waves’ shares was constantly dropping. It had long dropped below the price Yu Tang offered.

When the Hua family was prepared to sell off the shares at the original price, there was zero interest. Now that it was at such a price, it was entirely possible for them to purchase better shares. Moreover, the Hua family’s urgent need for money meant that they needed to sell everything off at one go.

“Yu Tang said he is only willing to foot 25 yuan for every share,” Hua Jiaxing gnashed his teeth while reporting to his father. They had originally bought every share for 32 yuan. Now that the price fell, it was still worth around 28 yuan or so. The price Yu Tang proposed was too unreasonable.

“Shameless fellow,” Hua Zhongyuan was so furious that he had to quickly gulp down a pill for the heart, “Sell them per share.” Even if he had to sell them, he wouldn’t sell them to this bastard!

“I already contacted them, take a look,” Hua Jiaxing sighed and pushed the file to his father. All those who were willing to purchase them wanted them in small batches of a few million. In addition, every transaction had its own transfer procedure. By the time they finished settling everything, the deadline for purchasing the land would be long gone.

The finance department did the accounts. As long as Yu Tang bought the shares at 27 yuan and above, they would still profit by buying the land. But if it was below 27 yuan, it wouldn’t be worth it to sell off the shares. They would be better off keeping Old Waves’ shares and giving up the land.

“You go and tell Yu Tang that the price can only be lower than the market value by 5 yuan. If he wants to buy, then buy. If he doesn’t want to then forget it!” Hua Zhongyuan inhaled deeply, having finally reached a compromise.

Yu Tang also knew to accept it when the terms were good. In the end, both parties made a deal for the price of 27.8 yuan and immediately started on the transfer procedure.

Luo Yuan had already been apprehended. This was due to Zhou Zimeng’s statement, the evidence provided by the Zhou family’s bodyguards and the police’s discovery of a large cash withdrawal from his personal bank account, which was very similar to the cash amounts the kidnappers confessed to receiving.

It was a turbulent period for the various families, but all this didn’t affect Chu Qin at all.

In order to mask their crimes, the Hua family naturally lay low and suppressed the media, preventing any requests for interviews. On the entertainment side, Luo Yuan’s father, Luo Pei, had already been in the industry for a few decades and possessed a number of connections, so he naturally exhausted all his efforts in covering it up. Zhong Yibin also would not ignore these people just to disturb Chu Qin.

Promotions for <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> had already started. Shengshi TV attached great importance to this project and started promoting it heavily. Every day, the publicity video would be broadcasted in the middle of prime time, divulging the good news of the drama about to be released. At the same time, they also invited the main leads of this drama to go onto Host Chu Qin’s variety show.

Mu Chen had already attended the show the previous month, so Teacher Liang felt that it was not good to invite him again. He was somewhat apprehensive, thus he got Chu Qin to personally give him a call.

Chu Qin had no choice but to do so. Mu Chen was at the south filming and only picked up after half a day had went by. He was even panting while talking, as if he had just filmed a fight scene.

“Chen-ge, <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> is about to be broadcasted and the station would like to invite the drama cast over to film a week’s episode of Friendly Confusion. Are you free next Thursday?” Chu Qin also didn’t beat around the bush and directly made things clear. Being able to get on Friendly Confusion was a rare chance to other actors but to Mu Chen, it was not essential.

“Next week…” Mu Chen frowned. His schedule for the drama on his end was quite tight and it would be hard for him to extricate himself from it till the end of the month. However, he didn’t turn him down instantly and instead asked something else, “Who else are you getting?”

“Qiao Su, Lin-ge and Xin-jie are all going, we haven’t asked Sha Sha-jie,” Chu Qin smiled. Sha Sha referred to Mu Sha, Mu Chen’s blood-related elder sister. Her status was greater than Mu Chen’s, so asking Mu Chen before Mu Sha wasn’t an issue. “But if you don’t go, we’ll have to find someone else to pair with Qiao Su during the acting segment. The outcome may not be as good, you should know that…”

“I’ll go,” Mu Chen agreed the moment he heard these words.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <I have a special skill in inviting others>

Qin Qin: If you don’t come, I’ll find someone else to kiss and touch Qiao Su

Mu Chen: I’ll go, I’ll go

Qin Qin: If you don’t come, I’ll find someone else for Mu Chen to kiss and touch

Qiao Su: I’ll go, I’ll go

Qin Qin: If you don’t come, I’ll kiss and touch myself

Er Bing: Crap! (nosebleed……)

[1] 姐夫: term for older sister’s husband

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