I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Incident

The next day, Zhou Zimeng was taken away by the police. The shock she received the previous day was not small and she didn’t dare stay at her house on her own during the day, so she went to the company with Father Zhou. In the end, the police went straight to the company.

The employees of the Zhou clan’s company all gathered around to watch. The meddlesome ones even went to stop the police officers, acting out a scene of loyalty to their boss. “Could it be a misunderstanding, what wrongdoing could a twenty-something year old lady commit?”

Zhou Zimeng shrieked continuously and refused to go with the police, constantly hiding behind Father Zhou. “For what reason are you arresting my daughter?” Father Zhou was angered and shielded his daughter.

“She’s involved in a kidnapping case, we need to investigate,” A few police officers said with a straight face.

The company’s employees were instantly in an uproar. Kidnapping case! From Zhou Zimeng’s reaction, she was clearly not the one who was kidnapped but a criminal suspect.

“Is it a mistake?” The employees asked dispiritedly.

The staff in charge of the case gradually lost their patience and directly went up to grab Zhou Zimeng. The two police officers didn’t have a single bit of tenderness towards the fairer sex. They handcuffed Zhou Zimeng and squeezed her into the police car. The sharp sirens and bright lights caused many bystanders on the road to turn their heads.

Zhou Zimeng had been pampered since childhood and had never been put into such a situation. She started crying the minute she got onto the car, “I wasn’t the one who did this, what reason do you have to catch me!”

When Chu Qin heard of Zhou Zimeng’s arrest, he felt that it was rather unexpected. In fact, he had also suspected that this case was connected to Zhou Zimeng but he hadn’t thought that she would be arrested so soon.

“In the past, her behavior in front of you was quite good and she didn’t do anything to hinder you either. I heard that when you were young and hit your head in a fight, Zhou Zimeng cried for the teacher to send you to the hospital. Moreover, the Zhou family helped you out when you were fighting with another family for a project…” This was what Zhong Yibin heard when he came to fetch Chu Qin after work.

Zhong Yibin turned around to look at him. He didn’t understand why this person would suddenly say such words. Was Chu Qin intending to forgive her after she did such a thing? As Chu Qin continued speaking about Zhou Zimeng’s good points, Zhong Yibin’s brows grew increasingly tense.

“So, what are you trying to say?” Zhong Yibin gradually clenched his fist. He had done so much and was waiting to receive praise but in the end, he was greeted with this pile of words.

Chu Qin said these words with a lowered head and didn’t notice Zhong Yibin’s expression. He slowly reached out a hand and grasped that clenched fist, saying in a gentle voice, “So, it’s not your fault for being friends with her.”

Zhong Yibin stared blankly. This person didn’t hit a person who was down, nor did he criticize him on his lack of caution in making friends. Instead, he comforted him so that he wouldn’t be sad over a friend’s betrayal. He opened his mouth, yet the voice that came out was a little hoarse, “Chu Qin…”

“En?” Chu Qin raised his head. He hadn’t gotten a clear look at Zhong Yibin’s expression when he was tugged over and dragged into a strong, warm hug.

“I don’t remember those people anymore.” So, he was not sad at all… Zhong Yibin buried his face into Chu Qin’s neck and inhaled deeply. It was just that his heart ached till he almost couldn’t breathe. It was these exact friends who had grown up with him from young and whom were bound with him for so many years that caused Chu Qin to be put through hardships.

Chu Qin blinked, understanding what Zhong Yibin had meant. He stretched out his arms and returned the hug. The truth was that he was already very happy that Zhong Yibin could distance himself from those friends. He only felt that he had let Zhong Yibin down; in the end, he was the one responsible for his memory loss.

Since young, Zhou Zimeng had never suffered. She found it hard to endure both the hard stool in the police station and cold handcuffs. Before the police even questioned her, she confessed cleanly.

“This has nothing to do with me, it was orchestrated by Luo Yuan,” Zhou Zimeng harbored incessant resentment. It was Luo Yuan that person who not only lacked the ability to carry things out well but was also sorely inadequate. She also only recently found out that Luo Yuan’s supposed idea of helping her to teach Chu Qin a lesson meant kidnapping and raping him.

Luo Yuan was an admirer of hers and had always granted anything she asked for. That day, she was angered after being put in her place by Chu Qin, so she went to Luo Yuan to complain.

Since Chu Qin was not pleasing to her eyes, she couldn’t help provoking him using Zhong Yibin’s name. In the end, he ridiculed her back ruthlessly.

“The Zhong family will not acknowledge you. Auntie already chose a partner for Yibin-ge two days ago and they’re about to go on a blind date. After they’ve gotten married, you can only be the lover in the dark. Zeze[1], such a pity.”

Chu Qin only smiled faintly and used the tone of a caring older brother to reply in an extremely sympathetic manner, “I guess you definitely aren’t the partner the Zhong family chose? You always acted as Zhong Yibin’s sister in front of the Zhong family, there isn’t even a hint of ambiguity… your acting was so good that it backfired.”

Right after he uttered those words, Zhong Yibin came out of the washroom and flicked the droplets of water on his hands towards Chu Qin’s face. Chu Qin waved a fist at him, causing Zhong Yibin to laugh out loud and wrap him in a hug. He didn’t notice Zhou Zimeng’s disgruntled expression at all.

“He’s selling his ass, what the f*ck!” Zhou Zimeng bawled while drinking wine.

Luo Yuan fawned over her by helping her to pour wine, “Such a trivial matter isn’t worth your tears. Since he’s bullying you, I’ll take care of him. I guarantee he’ll have his tail tucked between his legs the next time round you see him.”

“What use is there in him being scared, he’ll still be bothering my Yibin-ge,” Zhou Zimeng curled her lip.

“Hehe, I have an idea,” Luo Yuan gleefully shifted to speak into Zhou Zimeng’s ear, his speech carrying traces of laughter. He spoke for a length of time.

Zhou Zimeng instantly let out a bout of sinister laughter, “Is that possible? Zhong Yibin fetches him after work every day.”

“There will always be moments when he isn’t around, don’t you have connections with Madam Zhong?” Luo Yuan wiggled his brows.

Luo Yuan’s mother was Yuhua Group’s eldest mistress while his father was a singer. During those times, singing and performing was just another job and it wouldn’t make one much money. It was only due to his marriage with the Hua family’s young lady that he was able to achieve today’s glory and progress smoothly in his career. The only thing was that his mother Hua Jiayue fell out with her family because of her desire to marry his father, leading to a loss of status in the Hua family’s company. She also only received some real estate and shares.

Although Hua Jiayue was already married, she was still a young lady and didn’t know how to educate her children, only knowing how to fork out money. When her child landed into trouble, she didn’t know what to do either and could only beg her father for help.

“Father, you promised not to let anyone find out about Luo Yuan’s involvement. It’s only been a few days, but he was already brought away!” Hua Jiayue wiped at her tears as she sat in the chairman’s office at Yuhua. Previously, her son told her about his kidnapping scheme, almost shocking her to death. After hearing that the victim had been brought back unscathed and even Shengshi’s second young master was implicated, she could only anxiously seek her father out.

Father Hua also suffered a severe headache over this. At that time, he had already gotten someone to conceal the key evidence to prevent anyone from linking the matter to Luo Yuan. In the end, that phone didn’t even contain Luo Yuan’s phone number but had Madam Zhong’s message. The name used was Madam Zhong’s real name. It was painfully obvious that she wasn’t the mastermind, who would be that silly. Luo Yuan’s plan was full of loopholes, he was the one in charge of rounding off the affair, yet he failed to handle it cleanly.

“The Zhong family’s people are really daring,” Hua Jiaxing walked in and shot a glance at his sister from the corner of his eye, “They came clean to Zhong Yibin about this issue so that they could cleanse Madam Zhong of the suspicion. They will definitely not spare any expense in weeding out the true mastermind.”

“Can we offer the Zhong family some benefits to stave off their hands?” Hua Jiayue sobbed. She only had this one son and her husband also possessed prestige in the performing arts circle. If her son was sentenced to prison for such a charge, their future reputation would be ruined.

“Ai…” Father Hua sighed. If this matter were to get out, they would not have any face either. Moreover, it would be terrible if their concealment of the evidence were to circulate. However, their relations with the Zhong family had always been poor and they were even competing for land this time, “Jiaxing, go and have a chat with the Zhong family’s eldest son. We’ll give this plot of land to them and get them to stop before going too far.”

If the Zhong family didn’t intervene, then he would have some means of fishing Luo Yuan out. But if they did, then it would be very troublesome.

Zhong Jiabin looked at the unwilling Hua Jiaxing in front of him and slowly sipped a mouthful of tea, “Yibin is in charge of this project, I won’t interfere.”

The implication was that anything his brother did would be his sole responsibility and he would not lend him a helping hand at all. The image of a malicious brother who couldn’t perceive his younger brother’s future prospects quickly took root in Hua Jiaxing’s heart. Hua Jiaxing suddenly choked, wasn’t it said that the Zhong brothers got along very well recently? It seemed like this wasn’t the case on the surface…

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Hua Jiaxing: You don’t care about your brother anymore?

Big Brother: (cold face) Hmph, this piece of rubbish, just let him self-destruct

Er Bing: Brother, I bought chicken breast downstairs but forgot to bring money

Big Brother: Wait, Brother will send the money down

Hua Jiaxing: ……

[1] Onomatopoeia for clicking one’s tongue

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