I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Progress

When they reached home, it was only around 9 o’clock. They weren’t in a hurry to sleep so Chu Qin slumped on the bed to scroll through Weibo while Zhong Yibin happily took out his beloved CDs to watch.

“Ultraman – Taro!” The opening of the familiar music sounded as a red giant flew out from the depths of the cosmos. It was even carrying a pair of horns. Zhong Yibin leaped off the bed and lay down with Chu Qin.

“Are you rekindling an old flame?” Chu Qin used a foot to prod the center of his feet.

Zhong Yibin raised his legs and stretched out his arms to drag the person into his embrace, pressing one half of his body down, “En, that’s right. You’re about to lose favor.”

Squished by him, Chu Qin’s face was plastered to the tablet’s screen. He wriggled, pushing against the large plaster on his back and continued to scroll through Weibo.

Publicity for <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> had already started and there were various photos circulating on the internet, causing fans of the book and celebrities alike to eagerly anticipate the film. The first round of publicity was done through Song Xiao’s Weibo. Half of the script and a slender, fair arm was revealed, scratching[1] at the hearts of those who looked at it.

Chu Qin switched over to his main account and observed Song Xiao and Yu Tang’s Weibo accounts. Song Xiao’s Weibo name was ‘Nobleman Acting as Bamboo’ and had been approved as the account of Xinghai Entertainment’s Operations Director. Yu Tang’s Weibo name was a simple ‘Yu Tang’ and had been approved as the account of the Regional Director[2] of Big Fish Entertainment.

He scrolled through their Weibo accounts once. Those who weren’t observant may not have realized that their photos and content had subtle similarities, but those who were aware of their relationship would be able to tell.

For instance, the tiny bonsai in Song Xiao’s study room would appear on Yu Tang’s office desk a few days later; if Yu Tang posted that he would be going out for a big meal that night, Song Xiao would post a ‘ate well’ that same night. This sort of obscure yet brazen public display of affection was rather interesting.

Chu Qin clicked on Zhong Yibin’s Weibo and saw that the space was completely empty. There hadn’t been a new post in a very long time. He pursed his lips, “Do you still remember your Weibo password?”

“No,” Zhong Yibin shook his head. He even forgot the password to his bank account and had to go to the bank two days ago to report the loss of his password. It had yet to be activated so he could only continue to be a pauper who relied on his wife.

Chu Qin thought over it for a moment. Zhong Yibin’s birthday wasn’t the right password; his name combined with his birthday was also wrong; his birthday according to the lunar calendar didn’t work either. He couldn’t help feeling somewhat discouraged. This person didn’t use any weird passwords.

“What’s the date of your birthday?” On television, Ultraman subdued the monsters. After the episode ended, Zhong Yibin clung to Chu Qin, exactly like an octopus. Suddenly, he recalled something that the lady at the VIP counter had said when he was at the bank testing out the passwords.

“Is it your girlfriend’s birthday?” The lady dressed in the bank’s uniform smiled mockingly, “If it’s not your birthday, then it’s definitely your girlfriend’s birthday.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” Zhong Yibin said without thinking and chose the option for reporting the loss of passwords.

Now that he thought about it again, he didn’t have a girlfriend but he had a boyfriend! The password could be Chu Qin’s birthday, he felt a deep sense of regret at his past deeds.

“29th September…” Chu Qin said nonchalantly, before freezing for a moment and looking at Zhong Yibin. That person had already released him and was holding on to the remote control to switch to the next episode of Ultraman. Swallowing, Chu Qin keyed ‘890929’ into the password section. Correct password, log in successful…

Chu Qin felt that his nose was a little sore and rubbed his nose bridge. He passed the tablet to the person beside him, “Logged in.”

“En?’ Zhong Yibin turned around to look at him, slightly surprised, “What was the password?”

“My birthday…” Chu Qin said softly.

“Look, I’m sure my bank account password is also that,” Zhong Yibin was dejected. He took out a black-gold card from his bag – this card had already been locked and he would need to wait for seven days before the password could be reset.

Chu Qin looked at the miserable look on Zhong Yibin’s face and laughed unkindly.

“Not allowed to laugh!” Zhong Yibin flew into a rage out of humiliation and pressed down on Chu Qin, biting him.

“Are you a monster? So fond of biting people,” Chu Qin pushed against his large head.

“Right, I’m a monster. Now I’m about to eat Ultraman Chu Qin,” Zhong Yibin laughed darkly and stripped the person under him of his clothes.

The body of the warrior Ultraman was lined with sleek, perfect flesh and was very appealing. Tonight’s monster was exceptionally fierce and the warrior Ultraman could not ward him off, ending in him being completely suppressed.

Ultraman could not defeat the monster and was pressed down, his flesh continuously being kneaded. The monster used an unusual branch to penetrate the warrior Ultraman’s body, provoking a moan from the heroic warrior. As someone with limited combat time, the warrior gradually lost his strength under a situation where there was no energy replenishing source. After launching a shockwave, he was completely out of strength. On the other hand, the monster was still full of vigor. Eventually, the warrior Ultraman who had been fervently tortured by the monster fell into a deep sleep in the monster’s embrace.

<The Golden Age of the Great Jing> had been finalized and was confirmed to be broadcasted during prime time under Shengshi TV next month. There was still one more month of promotions. The publicity films and various kinds of material were also done one after the other and a few lead actors were also given their schedules for variety shows.

At this time, Chu Qin received a call from Qiao Su.

The role Qiao Su was playing in this drama was that intelligent empress – history’s first and only male empress. This role was too exciting and special. As long as the drama attained fame, Qiao Su would certainly obtain great popularity.

“Qin-ge, I heard that film of ours was bought by Shengshi…” Qiao Su looked down at the contract extension in his hand. He wasn’t sure who to speak to but after regaining his sense, he had already dialed Chu Qin’s number.

“En, I just heard about it too,” Chu Qin smiled as he looked at the program schedule, “I just wanted to give you a call. The station would like to invite you to participate in the show next month, they’ll rush to release it during the first week.”

“Really?” Qiao Su was pleasantly surprised, “Then… will Chen-ge be invited?”

“Of course, he’s male lead one, how can we have fun without inviting him,” Chu Qin said while smiling, “But he’s busier than you. If you see him, you must help me urge him to come.”

“En,” Qiao Su made a faint sound of agreement. He hesitated for a moment, “Qin-ge, my company offered me an extension of contract, it’s an A-grade agreement.”

The minute Chu Qin heard these words, he knew what was going on. Previously when Qiao Su was at that company, his contract was C-grade and his treatment in all aspects was poor. It was clear that the past two years were the best time for development yet he had not been given better resources. Even the people producing <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> had to take the initiative to find Qiao Su. Now that his contract was up and Qiao Su was filming a good drama, the company wanted to renew his contract before the drama became popular, so as to avoid the many competitors when the moment arrived.

“Delay it first, say that you need to consider it carefully. Since you’ve been busy recently, delay it till the drama begins broadcasting to discuss it,” Chu Qin pondered over it before advising Qiao Su in a low voice. He even taught Qiao Su a few ways to drag it on. Every one of these strategies were foolproof.

After hanging up, Chu Qin still didn’t feel at ease so he called Qiao Su again, “Your company’s A-grade contract probably isn’t their best one. There’s still the special-grade contract. Don’t be fooled by those managers.”

Qiao Su listened to these words and couldn’t help smiling, “Okay… also, Qin-ge, thank you.” In the entire entertainment industry, he would probably never find another as warm-hearted as Chu Qin.

Since Father Zhong had returned, he would naturally go to the Group during the day to oversee company affairs. As the Director of the company, Zhong Yibin called for a meeting at the Group after receiving the notification. To Zhong Yibin, his father was also a stranger. Although his father had looked after him during those few days in the hospital, the total number of sentences they had exchanged didn’t even amount to five.

The meeting covered Shengshi’s progress in its expansion overseas. At the moment, two of the industries could be expanded to America. The joint projects with the companies on that side had already been finalized.

Zhong Yibin was mystified by all the talk, only trembling with his eyes wide open.

Father Zhong sat at the boss’s seat at the conference table and Zhong Jiabin sat to his right. As usual, Zhong Yibin sat in the center with the rest of the Directors. It was obvious at a glance who had the most status. Shengshi’s higher-ups were clearly accustomed to such a seating arrangement.

Zhong Yibin didn’t take note of any of this. He couldn’t understand anyway so he just stared at his father and brother. The two of them greatly resembled each other. Their movements, appearance and bearing were precisely the same. A look was enough to tell that his brother was not the son of any random person. On the other hand, he seemed to resemble his mother more.

This realization made him a little gloomy. It seemed like his mother’s IQ was a little lower than his father’s…

[I don’t understand what they’re saying.] Zhong Yibin sent a message to Chu Qin in aggrievement.

[Act like you understand even if you don’t. Nod when your father finishes. Clap when others clap.] Chu Qin replied very quickly, even adding an emoji of a dog’s head being stroked.

[Was I on good terms with my father in the past?] Zhong Yibin asked, raising his head to glance at his father. That person happened to look over and appeared to be angry over his usage of the phone during a meeting. His eyes were full of killing intent, [Okay, it doesn’t look particularly good.]

After the meeting ended, Father Zhong called his two sons to the chairman’s office.

“How is the issue of the land going?” Father Zhong lit a cigarette and looked towards his younger son amidst the smoke. He hadn’t seen him for a month, but this guy looked considerably more energetic and his eyes contained more vigor than the past.

“The Hua family is currently waiting for the money, but the amount of capital required is too large. Other than Big Fish’s capital, no one else has this capability. Yu Tang will obviously not give him any money so the Hua family has to be prepared to release Old Waves’ shares,” Zhong Yibin answered smoothly. He followed this project very closely and was very clear on the Hua family’s movements due to his close relations with Yu Tang.

“En,” Father Zhong nodded without refuting. He received his eldest son’s signal and slowly sighed, “Have you been paying attention to Chu Qin’s case?”

Zhong Yibin looked up at his father before glancing at his expressionless brother. He didn’t know why his father would suddenly raise this, “I heard the crucial piece of evidence has been found.”

“Your mother is involved in this case, but your mother is not the mastermind. I hope you will not misunderstand. I will settle the things after that,” Father Zhong pushed a piece of paper to him. The paper detailed the message Mother Zhong sent previously.

Yesterday the Zhong family’s big brother thought it over for a long time but still conveyed the issue to his father. After all, this issue involved his mother and brother, so it was hard for him to settle it cleanly. Father Zhong’s method of resolving it was to inform his son directly to avoid any obstructions that he may encounter later on.

Zhong Yibin gazed at that piece of paper for a long time and remained silent for a good five minutes before he slowly opened his mouth, “I’ll investigate it myself.” He wouldn’t be able to relax if he passed the matter over to someone else. If his mother was truly implicated in this matter, his brother and father would choose to hide it from him and he would not end up with anything concrete. What he was seeing now was just the exterior. It was necessary for him to investigate anything that involved Chu Qin’s safety cleanly, like whether his mother participated in it and what sort of role Zhou Zimeng played in this affair.

Zhong Jiabin frowned and was about to protest but was stopped by Father Zhong, “At least you made some progress. The moment you become one-tenth of your brother is the moment I can stop worrying about you.”

This statement was a little uncomfortable to listen to. Zhong Yibin furrowed his brows slightly but for the sake of Chu Qin, he thickened his face and requested for connections and manpower from his father.

At night, when Chu Qin once again saw Zhong Yibin, he also saw a golden-haired foreigner behind him.

“Who is he?” Chu Qin blinked.

“The requirement to obtain my father’s connections,” Zhong Yibin said listlessly, “A psychologist.”

“Hello, my name is Dave,” The cordial psychologist went forward to greet him.

The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched, “Hello, this name sounds a bit familiar.”

“Oh, then you must have played Plants vs Zombies before,” Dave said. Then, he imitated the voice of Crazy Dave in the game, “Hey! The zombies ate your brains!”

Chu Qin, “……”

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Er Bing vs Zombie Dave’s store>

Crazy Dave: I have the best tools here, they’re value for money for battling zombies

Puff-shroom Qin Qin: What is there?

Crazy Dave: Loves sunshine shroom and a nut that can become a gigantic iron pumpkin bucket capable of crushing your fiancée

Puff-shroom Qin Qin: Which is good?

Wall-nut Er Bing: I want that nut turned gigantic

Puff-shroom Qin Qin: →_→

[1] 心痒痒: To itch to do something. In this case, the itchiness refers to people looking forward to the release.

[2] 大中华区: Essentially refers to all areas with Chinese presence, which includes but is not limited to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

Translator’s corner: Wonder how many more roleplays the author has prepared…


I meant the small theater, what dirty things were you guys thinking of! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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