I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Completely

Yuhua’s estimated budget for this project hovered around 6 billion. This project wouldn’t go through if it exceeded this amount since making a loss would be probable. This time, they had received the project regarding Old Waves and was originally prepared to give up this plot of land. Their appearance was only to try their luck. If their luck was good and they managed to obtain it under 4.5 billion, then they would only need to get short-term loans from other banking corporations for it to work out. But they couldn’t take it if it exceeded 5 billion.

Now, the amount happened to be 5.38 billion. This price could not be considered cheap but obtaining the land would mean making big profits. Hua Jiaxing momentarily got caught up in this dilemma.

“Congratulations,” Zhong Yibin smiled as he went over to shake hands with the young master of the Hua family.

Hua Jiaxing raised his eyes to look at him, “Why did you suddenly stop bidding?”

“Aiya, my wife suddenly sent over a message and when I lowered my head to reply, the paddle already came back down,” Zhong Yibin had a pained look on his face, “My brother will definitely beat me to death back home.”

Hua Jiaxing didn’t fall for his excuses. After staring at him for a while, he said, “There’s money to make after obtaining it at this price.”

“I heard Yuhua is acquiring Old Waves, I’m not too sure if your budget is sufficient?” Zhong Yibin was all smiles as he moved closer. He spoke at a volume just right for two people to hear clearly, “If you really lose your pants, remember to tell me, I’ll be more than happy to take over.”

The rules for auctioning land stated that the project would automatically be transferred to the next highest bidder if the amount was not paid off within one month. This was also to say that if the 5.38 billion was not paid in full, Shengshi could obtain the project at their previous bid of 5.18 billion.

Hua Jiaxing narrowed his eyes, immediately understanding what the Zhong family’s brothers were playing at. If they continued to bid, Shengshi wouldn’t make much profit even if they had obtained the project. They knew that Yuhua’s funds were limited because of Old Waves and weren’t able to pay this amount. Therefore, they let him have it before hypocritically jumping out to pick up the readily available project when Yuhua wasn’t able to fork out the money.

To be honest, it was a good scheme!

When he returned to Yuhua’s headquarters, Hua Jiaxing knocked on the door of the chairman’s office.

“Tell him that nobody will benefit if he continues investigating!” The Hua family’s in-charge, Hua Jiaxing’s father – Hua Zhongyuan, happened to be on the phone. His tone wasn’t good either. Finishing his words, he ended the call, his facial features still showing signs of anger.

“Is it about Luo Yuan?” Hua Jiaxing walked over to stand and sat in front of his father.

“This boy, he created such a big mess! How does he want me to settle it now that it can’t be suppressed?” Hua Zhongyuan was so incensed that he broke the gold pen in his hands, clutching his chest as he panted.

Hua Jiaxing quickly retrieved a medicine bottle from the drawer and gave his father a pill for the heart. Hua Zhongyuan had a son and daughter. Hua Jiaxing was born late and his elder sister was many years older than him. Her son was already more than twenty years old and was called Luo Yuan.

When Ms Hua was young, she stubbornly insisted on marrying a singer. Hua Zhongyuan was angered by this and gave all management rights of the family company to his young son, only leaving his daughter a portion of the assets and shares.

“He has parents, why do you need to be so worried,” Hua Jiaxing’s eyes lowered, covering up the impatience within his eyes. He didn’t look highly upon his sister’s son at all.

“Ai, let’s not talk about him anymore. How was the auction today?” Hua Zhongyuan drank some water and asked pleasantly.

Hua Jiaxing recounted the events once more. Thinking of Zhong Yibin’s expression of waiting for a meat pie to fall into his hands, anger filled him again, “Father, it’s a pity to abandon and not make profit from it after obtaining it at this price.”

The city’s real-estate industry was currently thriving. This sort of prime district could be converted into anything and would still sell well. There was essentially no risk.

“But our funds at the moment are insufficient, how are we going to fill this hole?” Hua Zhongyuan was also slightly hesitant. He really wanted this plot of land. The original plan was to first purchase the land, mortgage it and then buy Old Waves to avoid any delay.

But who expected that youngster from the Yu family to interfere and force him to reveal his hand early, causing even the land issue to be delayed. At the start, it was still possible to transfer some funds over from other projects, but now it was impossible.

The Hua family was caught in a dilemma.

The Zhong family was not peaceful either. Zhong Jiabin returned home with a black face and placed a file in front of Mother Zhong.

“Mother, the key evidence has been found. Can you explain to me why your message was in the kidnapper’s phone?” When Zhong Jiabin received the news today, he practically saw red.

Someone spent money trying to get rid of that phone. Although the bureau’s people received the money, they only dared to conceal it, not destroy or tamper with it. After all, this was a big case. Should the case blow up, concealing evidence might cause them to lose their jobs but destroying evidence would land them in jail.

The phone was maintained well. It was sealed as soon it reached the police bureau and had not been touched by anyone. The prosecution directly took this piece of evidence and added all records of the contacts, call records and messages in it to the evidence data.

Mother Zhong picked up that file and looked through it carefully, her face slowly paling. According to the column, the first line shown was a record of a message.

[Yibin is already on the read, you can go ahead.]

This line’s meaning couldn’t be more obvious. Zhong Yibin won’t fetch Chu Qin after work, Chu Qin is now alone, so you can kidnap him!

“How is this possible? Are you sure this is the kidnapper’s phone? Doesn’t the phone belong to the Zhou family’s bodyguard?” Mother Zhong was a little flustered.

The moment these words were said, Zhong Jiabin’s expression underwent a sudden change and he stared steadily at his mother, “What does this have to do with the Zhou family?”

Shaken, Mother Zhong came clean about the events that happened that day.

At that time, Zhong Yibin had just came out to his family. Father Zhong was so angry that he chased him out of the house and questioned him about the identity of his partner. However, Zhong Yibin refused to say it and only said they he would wait for them to agree before bringing the person home, in fear of them shocking his partner.

Mother Zhong was angered till she cried for two days. By coincidence, Zhou Zimeng visited her and told her that the partner Zhong Yibin came out of the closet with was Chu Qin. For better standing in the station, Chu Qin fooled around with Zhong Yibin and taught him the wrong things, which led to Zhong Yibin liking men. As Zhong Yibin’s friends, they wanted to persuade Chu Qin in privacy. But it was also not too good for them to drive Zhong Yibin off.

“That’s why on the day Father came back, you urged him to come back early?” Zhong Jiabin kneaded the area between his brows, “How did that message come about?”

“That… Zhou Zimeng said that the number belonged to her family’s bodyguard and that I should send it there,” Mother Zhong mumbled. To tell the truth, she had a slight suspicion that there was a possibility of Zhou Zimeng and the group of youngsters wanting to frighten Chu Qin. In a fit of anger, Mother Zhong also helped them in passing…

Zhong Jiabin pursed his lips tightly and thought for a long time before saying slowly, “Mother, you should prepare yourself. Now Yibin only remembers Chu Qin. If he knows that you participated in the kidnapping, how will you face him in the future.”

“I didn’t participate in the kidnapping!” Mother Zhong grabbed her eldest son’s arm, “You have to speak to your brother.”

“Mother, it’s no longer brother’s problem, it’s the law’s problem. If Zhou Zimeng insists that she doesn’t know about this matter, you may become the case’s main witness.” Zhong Jiabin sighed helplessly. Today someone told him not to continue investigating, because it would not be beneficial to anyone…

After Zhong Yibin’s amnesia, his impression of everyone other than Chu Qin started from zero, including his mother. Mother Zhong committed a grievous mistake at the start – attempting to deceive her son who had lost his memories, causing his loss of trust in her. Now, if he were to know that his mother had a hand in Chu Qin’s kidnapping, she would completely lose this son.

“No, you have to quickly fetch Yibin home. Now Yibin only believes that male vixen’s words, the hearing is in a few days’ time, if Chu Qin says anything to blacken me, he will definitely believe everything he says!” Mother Zhong couldn’t help crying, pushing her eldest son to fetch him.

“What’s going on?” A dignified, low voice came from the door. When the two people turned around, they saw a middle-aged man clad in a black suit walking in with an icy expression. He resembled an older Zhong Jiabin.

“Father,” Zhong Jiabin stood up.

After Zhong Yibin’s incident, Father Zhong watched over him for a week. Seeing that he didn’t have any major illnesses apart from the amnesia, he went overseas for business and only returned today. A fair-haired, blue-eyed foreigner was even following behind him.

Zhong Yibin got even busier at work because he took on the project involving the competition with Yuhua. After he finished settling business, the sky was already completely dark.

“Baby, don’t be anxious, I’ll be there in a while,” Zhong Yibin was driving over to fetch Chu Qin.

“En, I’m not anxious, don’t drive so fast,” Chu Qin’s pleasant voice could be heard on the other end, sweeping away his fatigue from a day of work.

Zhong Yibin happily ended the call but his phone immediately rang again.

“Father is back, come home for a while,” The voice on the other end belonged to the Zhong family’s big brother.

Zhong Yibin happened to be at a fork in the road. The left fork was the road to Shengshi TV while the right fork was the road to the Zhong family. The bright-colored sports car didn’t hesitate to turn left, “It’s not convenient tonight, I have to meet Yu Tang for dinner. Tomorrow then.”

His father wouldn’t be going anywhere at home but it was not safe for Chu now. Even if he were to return to the Zhong family, he still needed to send Chu Qin back to the apartment before even considering it.

When the car reached the TV station’s entrance, Chu Qin was waiting along the road, just like the past.

“Why are you bringing me along when you invited Director Yu for dinner?” Chu Qin entered the car and smiled as he asked him.

“Today it’s his treat, there’s good food to eat,” Zhong Yibin said seriously, “Besides, he’s bringing his wife. I have to bring mine too.” Going alone and seeing them engaging in public displays of affection, how was he supposed to eat!

Chu Qin couldn’t help laughing. At this moment, Zhong Yibin’s phone rang yet again. Chu Qin picked up the phone and glanced at the display. The call was from Wu Wan.

“You pick it up,” Zhong Yibin was using both hands to drive. He raised his chin, asking Chu Qin to pick up the call.

“Hello?” Chu Qin answered the call and put the speaker on.

“Er Bing, make sure you come tonight, at Longquan,” Wu Wan’s voice sounded from the other end.

Chu Qin looked at Zhong Yibin. Seeing his signal for him to speak, he opened his mouth, “He has a dinner party tonight so he can’t make it. You guys have fun.”

“It’s Chu Qin…” Wu Wan choked up, “What, give Er Bing the phone for a while.”

“I’m listening!” Zhong Yibin said one line.

“…” Wu Wan was helpless. He remained silent for a while before saying, “Zimeng has something to say to you, it’s fine if you come over after your dinner party.”

“I have nothing to say to her,” Zhong Yibin reached out and cut the call. The moment Zhou Zimeng notified the paparazzi to harm Chu Qin, there was no longer any chance of them continuing to remain friends.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Father is back>

Er Bing: Who are you?

Father Zhong: I’m your father!

Er Bing: Bah! I already saw through this trap at chapter 1!

Father Zhong: There’s allowance and a wood house to marry your wife with this year

Er Bing: Father!

Translator’s corner: Is Zhou Zimeng the mastermind, or is she not 🙃

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