I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Evidence

Chu Qin also had some misgivings. This case was only able to progress to this point with the help of the Zhong family’s big brother. If not, given Shengshi and the police’s work attitude, the case would have been hastily concluded as an ordinary blackmail case. That being said, Zhong Jiabin should not be appearing in public for this matter.

“No need to worry,” Zhong Jiabin glanced at the two people. He was aware of their thoughts but had no intention of giving them an explanation, taking the lead to stride into the compound.

Chu Qin made eye contact with Zhong Yibin and followed big brother in. From afar, they resembled kids who had been bullied by naughty students and whom were now following their parent to regain face.

“You’re the victim? Take out your ID,” The staff at the front counter said in a business-like tone to Chu Qin. After settling his proof of admittance, the staff threw down the word “wait” without further elaboration.

“I would like to accompany him later when he goes in,” Zhong Yibin took out his ID as well and prepared to complete the proof of admittance.

“That won’t do. Only he was given a summons today, no other people are allowed to enter,” The front counter staff said expressionlessly.

Chu Qin shot a glance at Zhong Yibin. Didn’t he say he was also a victim and had also been notified? Just as they were contesting this, another staff dressed in uniform walked out and looked at the proof of admittance, “Follow me.”

Chu Qin was a little anxious, “Are we seeing the suspect first?”

“En, identify the suspect first,” The staff was impatient and gestured for him to hurry and catch up.

“Wait a moment!” Zhong Yibin dragged Chu Qin to his side. “He suffered severe psychological trauma during the kidnap. I have to follow him in.”

“That’s not possible, this is the rule,” The staff refused to give in. Even Chu Qin’s trademark smile had no effect. Every business organisation had its rules. They had to maintain professionalism even if a God or superstar came.

At this moment, the Zhong family’s big brother suddenly opened his mouth, “Wait a moment.”

Just as he uttered these words, someone hurriedly walked over from the office, “Jiabin, you’re here.”

The front counter staff quickly stood up and greeted respectfully, “Deputy.” The person who came was the deputy chief of the prosecutor’s office and appeared to be familiar with Zhong Jiabin.

“En,” Zhong Jiabin went up to shake his hand and said a few words as a greeting, “My brother would like to go in with him.”

The deputy chief turned around to see Zhong Yibin, who was grasping Chu Qin’s hand without letting go. He smiled and gave the staff leading the way a meaningful look.

“Since there’s psychological trauma, then family members can go in too,” The staff continued to maintain a professional tone and led the two of them in.

Chu Qin almost laughed out loud. These staff members were so quick at reversing their words that they could even enter the entertainment circle. On the other hand, Zhong Yibin was somewhat dejected. He was really too weak compared to his brother. Even protecting Chu Qin was difficult for him.

They first went to identify the suspects – the three kidnappers had been separated in order to prevent them from colluding to fabricate a story. The first one they saw was that Baldie. His hands were shackled and he was seated at the designated chair, his head drooping. Hearing the movements, he looked up and saw Chu Qin, his gaze instantly becoming very fierce.

Chu Qin would recognize this face even if it were smeared with ash. He couldn’t help trembling for a moment at this sudden meeting.

Zhong Yibin clasped his hand and hugged his waist, dragging him into a half-embrace.

They confirmed that no wrong suspects had been captured after looking at all three of the kidnappers. After that, the staff took them to the evidence storeroom and retrieved all the evidence for Chu Qin to identify with glove-clad hands.

Zhong Jiabin finished exchanging greetings with his acquaintance and also came over.

The actual scene had been cordoned off by the police and the smaller-sized items at the crime scene had also been brought back. The table displayed all sorts of scary items – rope, tape, cutting tools, club and hallucinogens. There were even safety straps, lubricant and a video camera.

Seeing the last three items, Chu Qin felt shivers all over his body. It looked like Yellow Teeth had not forced him on the spur of the moment when he undid his buttons and spouted a bunch of vulgar words but had long intended to do so. He had even been prepared to record the entire process. Who exactly was it who wanted to ruin him in such a way?

“Don’t be scared…” Zhong Yibin said hoarsely as he took the other person into his arms, pressing Chu Qin’s face against his chest to stop him from looking at the things. Zhong Yibin was angered to the point where his eyes had turned red, but the hand patting Chu Qin continued to remain gentle. If Chu Qin had not been quick-witted at that time and escaped into the cornfield, and he had not rushed over with the police without delay, what could have befallen Chu Qin was unthinkable.

Zhong Jiabin stood behind the two people with deeply furrowed eyebrows as he gazed at the items on the table.

“Why did they want to kidnap me?” Chu Qin was still shivering slightly after exiting the evidence storeroom and was unable to resist posing this question to the staff member.

“Someone paid them to abduct you,” The staff member noticed the Deputy Chief in the distance and brought them to a small meeting room, where another staff member explained the current progress of investigation to Chu Qin.

“According to the confessions of the second and third suspect, they intended to ra… En, rape you and record it. The person who contacted them said that they would be paid well if there was a video,” The youngster describing the case details wore a pair of spectacles and seemed very cultured. His manner of speech was also very meticulous. It was just that he was still young, so he was slightly awkward when he had to touch on sensitive matters.

“What about the mastermind?” Chu Qin clenched his fist tightly.

“This… hasn’t been found out yet. For now, please keep the current status of the case confidential, we will first prosecute those three suspects. As for the mastermind, the police will continue investigating. We hope you will continue to cooperate with us as well,” The youngster said apologetically before passing documents with the suspects’ face printed on it to Chu Qin to sign.

They actually rather sympathized with Chu Qin. Under the law, a man going through that would not be counted as having been raped. At best, the case would be considered as intentional harm if there were injuries. Moreover, as a public figure, his career and future would be destroyed if this sort of news were to get out. They couldn’t help sighing with sorrow, the entertainment industry was truly dark.

“I spoke to the police previously regarding an outdated mobile phone I took from that place. I didn’t see it at the evidence storeroom just now,” Chu Qin had to sign the confirmation form of identification and was in the middle of signing the evidence column when he paused for a moment.

“Really?” We didn’t receive that piece of evidence. You can write that down, we’ll follow up with the police afterwards,” The youngster said with a serious face.

Chu Qin picked up the pen and wrote a single line on the piece of paper

[An outdated phone used by the suspects is missing from the evidence. I discarded it at the cornfield during my escape. There ought to be a way to contact the mastermind in the phone.]

He finished writing the line, signed the papers and marked it with his thumbprint. Just as the youngster was about to take it away, Chu Qin suddenly pressed down on that piece of paper, “Can I take a picture? I’ll think it over again carefully at home to see if there’s any other evidence.”

They were not allowed to do that but the youngster knew they were acquainted with the Deputy Chief, so he considered it with much difficulty, “Alright, but do not circulate it before the public trial otherwise you’ll have to bear legal responsibility.”

“Got it, thank you,” Chu Qin took out his phone and snapped a picture of it. He didn’t know why he needed to do this either, just that a deep sense of unease filled his heart. Why was the crucial piece of evidence not found? He had told the police about the phone in the cornfield at the quickest timing after regaining consciousness.

“Can we see the suspects again?” Zhong Yibin asked mildly.

“Sure,” The staff member just now came back in again. They had originally planned to bring the victim back again to confront the suspect after seeing the evidence.

Compared to the previous time, Yellow Teeth appeared even more dirty. He bared a mouthful of yellow teeth towards Chu Qin like a filthy maggot, making their hair stand on end.

 Zhong Yibin blocked Chu Qin from entering and rushed forward suddenly with large strides, hauling Yellow Teeth up from his designated seat and punching him ruthlessly in the underbelly a couple of times. The sound of his fist sinking into flesh could be heard a long distance away, despite the partitioned walls.

“Help!” Yellow Teeth was beaten to the point where he was wailing loudly. The staff at the prosecutor’s office hurriedly went up to pull him away.

“You can’t be like this!” The staff member used all his strength to pull them apart.

Yellow Teeth was pummeled to the extent that he foamed at the mouth, clutching his stomach as he retched. Not a hint of his previous frightening appearance could be seen. As Zhong Yibin was dragged away by the arm, he took advantage of the situation to reach out a leg, resulting in the person receiving a kick and even overturning the stool. He instantly became a worm trapped under the stool, his limbs waving in futility.

“Stop it!” The Zhong family’s big brother pulled his younger brother aside. If there were obvious injuries, this person could claim in the court that he was interrogated under torture to extort a confession.

Chu Qin reached out and grabbed Zhong Yibin’s hand. Suddenly, he was no longer afraid.

Even after they left the prosecutor’s office, Zhong Yibin continued to cling onto Chu Qin’s hand, “Don’t go to the station, let’s go home.” His heart ached for Chu Qin as he pecked him on the temple.

Zhong Jiabin was still inside speaking to that deputy chief so they stood at the door to wait for him. The weather was sizzling hot and though the hall was air-conditioned, there were too many people and they couldn’t embrace. Zhong Yibin activated the air-conditioner in the car and dispersed the hot air inside before he hugged Chu Qin under the tree along the road to cool off.

The Zhong family’s bodyguards were very discerning and bought two popsicles back. Zhong Yibin and Chu Qin each ate one. The sweet ice diffused the dry heat surrounding their bodies and relaxed their taut nerves.

Only after twenty minutes had gone by did Zhong Jiabin walk out with a large file. He wasn’t expecting to see the two people still present.

“What’s that?” Zhong Yibin asked out of curiosity.

“Oh, the details of the case,” Zhong Jiabin opened it for him to take a look. “Leave one as back-up.” This had always been the way he handled matters. It was necessary to leave a way out for all important matters so that one could guard against any unforeseen changes. While in the midst of negotiating with the prosecutors, this obsessive-compulsive-like habit once again flared up.

Chu Qin smiled faintly. Out of courtesy, he didn’t look at the information in the file.

“Brother, thank you for today,” Zhong Yibin thanked his brother as he chewed on the ice block. Affairs regarding the Group were plentiful yet his brother who counted time in the minutes came over to accompany them and even needed to call in favors.

“You’re my brother, no need for thanks,” Zhong Jiabin closed the file, turned around and got on the Bentley.

Chu Qin was absent-minded during the entire journey back. Who exactly was it who hated him to this extent? If he hadn’t escaped that time and was tortured and videoed according to the kidnappers’ plans, who would benefit the most?

“Don’t think about it, we’ll know after the investigation. No matter who that person is, I’ll definitely make that person regret being born in this world,” Zhong Yibin stroked Chu Qin’s face affectionately.

“Would you abandon me if I were raped?” Chu Qin suddenly asked.

“Zhi[1]–” The brakes were stepped on violently and the car stopped abruptly along the roadside.

“Are you crazy!” The driver of a car passing by let down the window and stretched his head out to scold loudly.

Ignoring the driver who was shouting abuse on the road, Zhong Yibin unbuckled his safety belt and pounced towards the front passenger seat, wrapping the person tightly in his embrace, “Such a thing will not happen baby.” How could he dislike him, even thinking about it was enough for him to die from heartache. He should have crippled that Yellow Teeth and crushed that act he was putting on under his foot!

“Ai, I’m fine,” Chu Qin smoothed the large head nesting on his neck. “I was just wondering who would benefit from you abandoning me.” When such a thing happened to men, the public would be full of sympathy. As long as public relations maintained well, it was unlikely for his career to be destroyed. However, the other aspects of his life may not fare so well. The purpose of this sort of despicable move was perhaps to make Zhong Yibin give up on him.

“You’re saying…” Zhong Yibin released him, the viciousness in his eyes unmistakable.

As if by coincidence, his phone rang at this moment. The call was from Bai Cheng, “Tonight at the South Bank, you coming?”

“No,” Zhong Yibin ended the call without even thinking. Today’s matter had once again made him recognize his lack of power. If he had the capability and connections like his brother, how could Chu Qin suffer so many wrongs? These friends who only knew how to drink and play were of no use during crucial moments, they only knew how to get in his way!

After returning home, the two of them showered and lay on the bed to rest. Chu Qin stared at the ceiling for a long time before suddenly turning around and hugging that warm, sturdy male body, “Zhong chick, come rape me.”

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Zhong Chick: ra……pe…… that’s not so good right, how, how to do that

Qin Qin: Just press me down and do [this and this and that and that]

Zhong Chick: That’s what I do normally!

Qin Qin: What do you think should be different?

Zhong Chick: The script is different

Qin Qin: What?

Zhong Chick: Watch my move! Rising Dragon of Lushan!

Qin Qin: ……

[1] Onomatopoeia for tyres squeaking

Translator’s corner: Cheer up CQ!! *hugs* 

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