I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 31 Part 2

Chapter 31: Notify (2)

The next day when Zhong Yibin went to the company, he asked about the drama. Xinghai Entertainment had indeed sent the sample clip over. This was part of the routine – the sample clip of any new dramas in the making would always be sent to the various TV stations so they could select them in advance.

<The Golden Age of the Great Jing> was undoubtedly filmed well and had already been chosen by Shengshi TV to be included into the list of dramas to be selected. However, because of the timeslot issue, it was shelved and thus had not been brought to Zhong Yibin’s attention.

Zhong Yibin watched the sample clip and muttered to himself for a while, “What’s the drama that’s being broadcasted during prime time next season?”

“It’s a youthful idol drama called <Picking Canola Flowers Together>.” The person-in-charge said after looking at the broadcasting plan.

The corner of Zhong Yibin’s mouth twitched, “What thing is that, where did it come out from?”

“It was produced by us…” The person-in-charge wiped off the sweat on his forehead. This rotten idea was given by the people from the design department. Last time, another station produced <Watching the Tempest Together> in a shaky attempt at imitating the classic idol drama <Meteor Tempest>. <Picking Canola Flowers Together> was produced to profit from the hype.

“Free up the timeslot and sell off its broadcasting rights,” Zhong Yibin could feel his teeth aching just from hearing that name.

“Then what will be broadcasting during prime time?” It was not a bad idea to sell it off. This drama had already been promoted for a while and a number of stations should be willing to buy it. But it would be shameful if the drama that replaced it weren’t able to reach a rating as high.

Of course, it’s <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>, thought Zhong Yibin. But he didn’t say it out loud. Big brother mentioned that as a leader, even if one already had a mature course of action, one should not speak of it without confirmation so as to leave a route out.

He clicked on the sample clip transferred over from the design department. The clip was accompanied by a burst of imposing music. The screen was like the droplets of water dripping into a lake, forming ripples with every drop of water.

“Emperor, the Xiongnu stronghold is fifty li[1] ahead!” The armored general’s face was streaked with bloodstains. The desert’s gales swirled the yellow dust past the hundreds of warriors behind him. The silent soldiers carried their lances on their shoulders as they walked ahead in an orderly manner, echoed by a desolate desert ballad as background music.

Mu Chen had on golden armor and was riding on a tall horse. He surveyed the faraway scene from above, his shapely lips pursed into a thin line, “Attack, don’t leave a single one alive.”

 The Xiongnu’s royal family tortured Emperor Jingyuan and his blood younger sister to death. He wanted them to pay their debt of blood in blood.

The flames of war, fire beacons, rolling yellow sand and the sounds of close combat were deafening. The battlefield of a thousand years ago was vividly reconstructed.


“This piece of work is really exquisite!” The person-in-charge of the prime time slot hadn’t left and it was unknown when he stretched his head beside the screen, watching it with lots of enthusiasm.

Zhong Yibin closed the laptop with a bang, staring at him with an expressionless look.

The person-in-charge gave a few hollow laughs before slipping away. The risk shouldn’t be too large if the Director wanted to buy this type of drama… probably.

Zhong Yibin looked at the email detailing the way to contact Xinghai Entertainment and contemplated for a while before picking up his phone and calling Yu Tang, “Are you still selling that costume drama you spoke of last time?”

He didn’t buy the copyright solely for the purpose of making Chu Qin happy but also to make Yu Tang his friend.

Despite the high production quality and fame of <The Golden Age of Great Jing>, certain aspects of the film were too sensitive in nature, which led to many broadcasting stations not daring to purchase it. The matter was dragged on and till now, only the national station had approached them for discussions. However, the national station had a history of being unreasonable and more often than not, never brought up the amount they would give. Moreover, they wouldn’t guarantee continuity of broadcast. This was to say that there was also a possibility of the drama being removed in the middle of its broadcasting cycle.

Yu Tang happened to be pondering over the issue of finding a broadcasting station when he received Zhong Yibin’s call.

Two hours later, Zhong Yibin appeared at Yinyu Building, which served as the headquarters for Big Fish.

Yu Tang had a meeting in the morning, so he invited Zhong Yibin for lunch at noon. Yinyu Building had a high-class restaurant on its second floor, which was opened by the Big Fish Group. It was essentially the Director and higher-ups’ dining hall.

“Why suddenly so interested in this drama?” Despite his anxiousness to help his wife sell off the drama, Yu Tang continued to maintain his calm attitude.

“My wife told me yesterday that he got hooked when Qiao Su went on his program and showed him a still,” Zhong Yibin said helplessly. Yet the expression on his face didn’t have a single tinge of helplessness, he was clearly taking pleasure in it.

Yu Tang raised an eyebrow, “If you want to buy then you should approach my wife, why look for me?”

Zhong Yibin’s mouth curled up. He was really someone who wouldn’t give an inch, “You probably wouldn’t be happy if I went to see Director Song.”

This statement successfully scratched Director Yu’s itchy spot. Smiling, the two of them toasted each other. One wanted to sell while the other wanted to buy – this business was good to do. Since he was not purchasing the chief broadcasting rights, it was significantly cheaper. Yu Tang also understood that this person’s willingness to buy at this point was also to help him out and make friends with him, so he also gave a favorable price.

The two people hadn’t drunk much but business had already been settled, hence they started talking about other things.

“Old Wave’s shares aren’t actually to Big Fish’s liking capital-wise,” Yu Tang shook the wine in hand. “I’m not buying it for the profits.”

“Then what is it for?” Zhong Yibin was very curious.

Yu Tang smiled as he looked at him, sipping at his wine, “Go look for your brother and ask him to transfer the thing he promised me to do to you instead, then I’ll tell you.”

The Zhong family’s big brother had promised Yu Tang to partner with Big Fish to defend against Yuhua. This was because Yuhua not only wanted to buy Old Wave’s shares, bur also fight with Shengshi over a plot of land.

Zhong Yibin didn’t agree not disagree, “I’ll try.”

“I’ll be waiting for your good news,” Yu Tang’s eyes drooped down and he chugged down the rest of the wine in his cup.

The two bosses had already gathered for a preliminary talk so the next few steps such as cooperation and the sequence of processes could be handed down to their subordinates to work out. Zhong Yibin left Yinyu Building and was in the middle of driving back to the company when he received a call from Chu Qin.

“Where are you?” Chu Qin’s voice sounded a little anxious.

Zhong Yibin’s heart tensed up, “I’m at the second ring, what happened?”

“Are you busy in the afternoon?” Chu Qin hesitated.

“No, even if I was you would still be more important,” Zhong Yibin urged him to quickly explain.

Chu Qin licked his lips and looked at the notice of notification in his hand, “The prosecution asked me to drop by in the afternoon to look at the evidence and criminal suspects, can you… go with me…”

Speaking of it was somewhat embarrassing, but Chu Qin was a little scared when he received the news in the afternoon. He couldn’t help trembling when he thought of that narrow old warehouse, the kidnapper with a mouth full of yellow teeth and that never-ending cornfield.

“Of course, wait, I’ll go pick you up!” Zhong Yibin didn’t say anything more and changed course for Shengshi TV. At the station’s main entrance, he found Chu Qin standing by the road in solitude.

“Why did you stand under the sun!” Zhong Yibin hurriedly dragged him into the car and touched his sunburnt face.

“I came out not long ago,” Chu Qin rubbed his face against his cool hands and said in a somewhat downcast voice, “Actually, I can go on my own…” It was just that he couldn’t help weakening after hearing Zhong Yibin’s voice.

“Silly, I’m also a victim. They’ll also notify me!” Zhong Yibin waved his mobile phone.

Hearing this, a smile instantly blossomed on Chu Qin’s face and he slowly grasped that hand touching his face.

When the two people arrived at the prosecutor’s office, a black Bentley also drove over. A bodyguard dressed in a black short-sleeved shirt got off and opened the car door. A pair of familiar high-end custom-made leather shoes stepped onto the ground and the Zhong family’s big brother strode out with an expressionless face.

“Brother? Why are you here?” Zhong Yiin noticed his brother’s presence and his brows puckered up slightly.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: Brother what are you doing here?

Kidnapper: *howling*

Qin Qin:  ╥﹏╥ so scary

Er Bing: (hug) don’t be scared, don’t be scared, Qin Qin don’t be scared, Er Bing is here

Big Brother: (hug) don’t be scared, don’t be scared, Er Bing don’t be scared, Big Brother is here

Prosecutor:  →_→

[1] An ancient way of measuring length, 1 li is approximately 500m.

Translator’s corner: Hope you guys find this design cleaner (I know I do!) This should be the last time I change the design… hopefully (〃ω〃)

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