I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 31 Part 1

Chapter 31: Notify (1)

Zhong Yibin stared blankly for a moment before suddenly burying his face into the pit of Chu Qin’s stomach. He rubbed against Chu Qin vigorously and deliberately used a baby-like[1] tone of voice to speak, “Father[2]…”

“Good,” Chu Qin patted the large head in front of him in delight.

“Father, I’m hungry. Can you feed me?” Zhong Yibin asked and bit onto a certain part of Chu Qin’s body through his clothes, the implication of this action causing Chu Qin endless embarrassment.

“Don’t be noisy, father has no milk,” Chu Qin felt itchy from being bitten in such a way and twisted his body in a bid to escape. However, he was firmly bound and pressed onto the sofa.

“There’s milk, just not here,” Zhong Yibin licked the corner of his mouth and proceeded to peel off Father Chu Qin’s pants.

The two people kissed on the sofa till they were wound around each other like a ball. In the end, Zhong Yibin successfully obtained ‘fresh milk’ and delivered his own ‘fresh milk’ to Chu Qin’s hand. Then, they took their sticky selves to the shower.

After washing themselves clean, Chu Qin nested on the sofa lazily as his toe jabbed at Zhong Yibin’s naked back, “Try on the clothes and see if the size suits you. Don’t remove the tag first, if it doesn’t fit it can still be exchanged.”

Zhong Yibin obediently went to try on the clothes. Five shirts, two suits, a pair of jeans and two sets of casual pants. There was even a baseball cap, two neckties and a number of underpants…

Du Wei’s words were indeed accurate. That suit made of flaxen material looked especially nice when worn. It perfectly showcased Zhong Yibin’s slender legs, wide shoulders and lean waist.

“Really good looking!” Chu Qin rested his head against the pillow and stared unblinkingly at Zhong Yibin. This person was seriously too handsome, he would never get enough of looking at him.

Hearing these words, Zhong Yibin put even more enthusiasm into trying on the clothes. As long as he heard the smallest exclamation from Chu Qin, he would unabashedly twirl in a circle in happiness and let Chu Qin take a picture of him, shamelessly showing off his good looks.

The clothes generally fit him well, only the pair of jeans was a little tight. Chu Qin thought that this was because his buttocks were raised too high but Zhong Yibin insisted that it was because his little brother was too big.

“Which is your favorite piece?” Chu Qin folded the clothes nicely, hanging the suits up and placing the jeans into a bag to exchange the next day.

“This one,” Zhong Yibin pulled over a sapphire-blue necktie.

Chu Qin turned to look at that necktie. The sapphire-blue tie was adorned with dark lines evenly spread across the fabric and was relatively nice to look at. It was just that this tie was something he had merely snatched out of convenience while purchasing the suits and was nothing special.

Zhong Yibin held onto the tie and grabbed onto Chu Qin’s hands, swiftly tying a knot.

Chu Qin, “En?” He had yet to react when he was embraced by Zhong Yibin and thrown onto the bed. With his hands bound by the soft necktie, he was pressed against the bedhead. A certain guy rode on him as he smiled in a sinister manner.

“Asking me to call you father eh? I’ll let you call me father later.”


After being resolutely put in his place, Chu Qin lay weakly on the quilt, unwilling to even move an inch. Zhong Yibin happily wiped his body and applied the skincare products before elatedly hugging the person as he scrolled through Weibo.

The tablet was signed into Chu Qin’s dummy account so he could casually scroll through Weibo without worry.

“Right, can you search for the Weibo of the crew of <The Golden Age of the Great Jing>,” Chu Qin’s lower jaw moved as he leaned against Zhong Yibin’s arm.

The crew had not started large-scale publicity but had already released the stills. The white attire fluttered around Qiao Su as he grasped a jasper pan flute, a gentle and modest smile gracing his face. The person standing beside him was clad in a black wide-sleeved robe embroidered with golden dragons and had a crown inlaid with obsidian golden dragons as head-wear. This person with the scorching gaze who exuded a heavenly domineering might was none other than the film emperor Mu Chen!

After Mu Chen became the film emperor, he no longer accepted TV dramas and would only participate in one or two movies a year. No one would think that he would actually appear in this drama, much less him playing the role of Emperor Jingyuan who wed a male empress. Needless to say, Qiao Su was acting as that male empress.

It was truly a matter to laugh about this time! Chu Qin couldn’t help laughing mischievously.

“What happened?” Zhong Yibin wasn’t aware of the matter and lowered his head to ask.

“Do you still remember the Golden Age of the Great Jing in our history textbooks?” Chu Qin raised his head and asked.

Zhong Yibin lowered his head and pecked those swollen red lips of his, “Can’t remember it clearly, explain it to me then.” In truth, he still remembered most of it, it was just that he wanted to listen to Chu Qin speaking for a while. The two of them hadn’t seen each other for a day and sleeping just like that would be very sad.

Chu Qin felt that his buttocks were a little painful so he placed a leg on Zhong Yibin’s leg and rested his body on Zhong Yibin’s at an angle. After he felt that it was more comfortable, he leisurely spoke of this piece of history. His official broadcasting voice made the stories he told particularly nice to listen to.

“Emperor Jingyuan’s name was Yu Jintang and he was the third emperor of the Great Yu dynasty. He was also history’s most famous emperor. Before him, control over the Xiongnu[3] was mainly achieved through marriage but he refused to do so and personally led troops to battle against the Xiongnu, till the Xiongnu were driven into the depths of the prairie without daring to come back out. During his rule, he even implemented many changes and created history’s first golden age, which went down in the annals as the Golden Age of the Great Jing.”

The melodious, moving tone of his voice enabled one to imagine the long-buried picture scroll of the past.

“Of course, other than these, his fame was due to an even more important reason – he wed a male as his empress and did not bring in any concubines. In the end, the position of emperor was passed on to his younger brother.”

Speaking of this admirable emperor, Chu Qin could not resist sighing. This capable person passed away at the age of thirty-two, this could be considered being cut off during one’s prime. Moreover, his male empress committed suicide by cutting his throat on the day of the emperor’s demise, dying together with him in the name of love. Chu Qin couldn’t understand this sort of emotion when he was schooling but only after falling for Zhong Yibin did he understand just how difficult it was to persist in marrying a male during that age.

After Zhong Yibin listened to the whole story, he remained silent for a long time before suddenly stating, “I think the sequence of what happened in the past isn’t right.”

“How is it not right?” Chu Qin’s hand moved across the tablet as he looked through the stills. The actors invited by this crew were all very attractive, and their outfits and props were also extremely refined. It looked like the amount of money spent was not little.

“Emperor Jingyuan worked hard to become the emperor of all ages for the sake of marrying that man,” Zhong Yibin said seriously.

“Ah?” Chu Qin looked at him in confusion. This was the first time he heard of such a saying.

Zhong Yibin smiled a little and didn’t say anything more. Instead, he carefully looked through the news on this TV drama. On Weibo, the producer was listed as ‘Xinghai Entertainment Ltd.’

Xinghai Entertainment… it was a bit familiar. Zhong Yibin frowned slightly. Just then, he suddenly remembered it. Wasn’t this company under Yu Tang’s boyfriend? This meant that the TV drama that Yu Tang brought up previously was <The Golden Age of the Great Jing> – the drama about the Yu dynasty that Big Fish was invested in filming for.

“This drama definitely has potential to become popular. It would be good if we can broadcast it,” Chu Qin looked fondly at the stills. He really liked this book and the two historical figures. It would be perfect if he could let the cast appear on his program. In this short moment, he already thought of the various activities that they could do if this cast were on Confusion.

Dramas that romanticized homosexual relations[4] were currently in trend. Furthermore, this drama was a natural fit for this category. During the program, he could then make full use of this aspect and let Mu Chen and Qiao Su engage in all sorts of ambiguous actions. The audience would certainly go crazy over that. On top of that, Mu Chen’s stiff face that never let any anger show would make it even more fun.

Zhong Yibin kissed his forehead, “I’ll buy it since you like it.”

“Don’t, saying this is akin to fooling the sovereign with the fire beacon[5],” Chu Qin hurriedly waved his hand. The TV dramas set to be broadcasted every season were all selected in advance. Shengshi TV rarely bought dramas to be broadcasted because they had trouble fitting in their own dramas filmed by Shengshi Entertainment. There were completely no timeslots left for other dramas.

Zhong Yibin smiled and didn’t say anything more.

[1] 湾湾腔: An accent most commonly linked to Taiwanese Mandarin – this way of speaking is more gentle and mushy than standard Mandarin. There’s no English equivalent for this so baby-like will have to do for now.

[2] 粑粑: The characters used here have the same spelling as those for father but the tone they are spoken in is higher than father, which is why its described as cuter. Note that their entire conversation here including the lines after are spoken in this tone, including the times when Chu Qin says father.

[3] 匈奴: Nomadic people

[4] 卖腐: The literal translation is selling rot haha but it essentially refers to portraying the relationship between males in an unrealistically harmonious way

[5] 烽火戏诸侯: This saying originated from the cause of the fall of Western Zhou. The ruler, King You, was very fond of one of his concubines, Baosi, and pampered her. Baosi never smiled so King You tried all sorts of ways to make her smile. She didn’t believe him when he explained about the function of the beacon towers as a signal for help in face of invasion, so he lit it. His troops arrived in a flurry but witnessed them having a festive time. Baosi was amused by this and burst into laughter, causing King You to repeat this joke multiple times. During an actual attack, the beacon towers were lit but no one came to their rescue, leading to the fall of Western Zhou

Translator’s corner: This chapter was too long so unfortunately it had to be split up ☹

My face was a tomato when I was translating the front part rofl. So many insinuations going on there… or is it just me 🌚 Also, QS and MC are my new ship here’s hoping they’ll have a short story!

On a side note, I’ve also edited the summary (the previous one wasn’t done by me) on novelupdates 🙂

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  1. I didn’t even put together that Qiao Su was the same actor as the one in Stop Bothering Me Emperor. I feel slow xD probably because I did MTL and forgot the names. the Qiao Su/Mu Chen CP is cute in that novel too~ hopefully they get some more scenes here haha

    I love how this story flows so easily between filthy daddy/milk play to sweet fluff scenes!

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  2. Thanks for the update and suffering through the innuendos 😁 I appreciate it. Really hope they do end up grabbing rights to run the show and then sell rot on friendly confusion *starts waving banner saying ‘sell rot’* I wonder what ideas Chu Win had to try Mu Chen’s angerless face with…

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  3. I’ve finished “Stop Bothering Me Emperor” .. now i thinks, “its this novel from same author?” Cz actually they saying about that story.

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