I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Conspiracy

Chu Qin sat on the chair opposite the office desk and slowly drank tea. He didn’t interrupt the station chief’s rambling but instead looked down at the tea leaves in the cup. The curly Biluochun[1] leaves gradually unfolded within the liquid tea.

This station chief who was nearing the age of fifty had lived abroad in his early years and derived great pleasure from showing off his experience in studying overseas. During those years, those who were able to study abroad were very capable. In order to express his status as one who had studied abroad, black tea was brewed everyday in the office. Western black tea contained sugar and was harmful to the throat. Chu Qin never drank it so every time he came over, the secretary would make him a cup of Biluochun.

“Let him stand at a corner and watch when I record then. I will go over to watch his program when I’m free.” Chu Qin put down his cup of tea and smiled at the station chief.

Station chief Zhang was dug out from a local TV station and the superiority of TV media was ingrained deep into his bones. He didn’t look highly upon online media. Chu Qin could still accept his remarks on the online matter but if it was about letting him guide Chen Jiming, it would be overstepping his boundaries.

This was not an entertainment company but a television station. Chu Qin was also not a middle-level executive and had no obligations to mentor the younger generations. Letting Chu Qin do this was nothing more than station chief Zhang’s act of currying favor with Chairman Chen, going so far as to involve him.

Station chief Zhang froze for a moment. By the time he waited for Chu Qin to watch Chen Jiming’s program, the dishes would already be cold. They were about to embark on a new program and Chu Qin was even playing a leading role, how could he have the time to wander about. But there was nothing wrong with this statement, so he could only nod and agree, “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Chu Qin smiled wordlessly and left the station chief’s office. The piece of paper he took out from his pocket was the proof that he was given the last time he visited the police station. He had yet to pass it to the human resource department. He dialed the number printed on it for the police station accordingly, “Hello, I’m looking for Xiao Gao.”

The small police officer Gao Yunlong was the one who handled his documents of proof the previous time.

“Ah, it’s like this, there are still some documents that require the police’s signature. The police station’s side…” Chu Qin said in an embarrassed tone and was silent for two minutes.

The small police officer instantly made up for Chu Qin’s awkwardness. Their attitude towards Chu Qin the other time when he was at the police station was really too unfriendly, he too felt that his colleagues had went overboard. Hence, he rushed to say, “I’ll go out to sign for you then.”

Chu Qin’s tone immediately lightened, “Thank you so much, I’ll be waiting for you on the first floor of Fragrant Fisherman Courtyard at noon. I’ll treat you to a meal at the same time.” Fragrant Fisherman Courtyard was close by the police station. It was a little far from the TV station but was not too far.

“The meal isn’t necessary…” Xiao Gao hurriedly refused.

“I’m only free during the noon lunch period and have to record in the afternoon. You can treat accompanying citizens to eat as doing a good deed,” Chu Qin said in a relaxed manner, before hanging up.

At noon, Chu Qin appeared punctually at the first floor of the Fragrant Fisherman Courtyard. Sitting at the last booth overlooking the window, he waved towards the small police officer who rushed in in a flustered manner.

Afraid of causing trouble, Xiao Gao specially changed his attire before going over.

Chu Qin handed the menu to Xiao Gao to let him choose. The other party continuously waved his hands, so Chu Qin took the menu back while smiling. After asking about Xiao Gao’s tastes, he ordered four dishes and a soup. Chu Qin often came to this place. Whenever his colleagues couldn’t stand the station’s boxed food, they would come over for a work meal. The dishes were homemade and weren’t expensive, allowing him to invite the upright small policeman over.

“Officer Gao…” Chu Qin’s smile exuded goodwill. The small police officer immediately stopped him, explaining that he could not be considered an officer and calling him Xiao Gao would suffice. “That’s fine. You should have just graduated, I’m older than you by a few years…” Chu Qin filled his cup with tea.

“How did you know I just graduated?” Xiao Gao was unhappy. Everyone saw at a glance that he had just graduated, causing him to suspect that his current behavior lacked maturity.

“Last year, I often heard the people at your station talking about how a new graduate would be sent there soon,” Unconcerned, Chu Qin was all smiles as he continued to chat with him. As expected, this statement lightened Xiao Gao’s mood. They then went on to chat about life at police school. Xiao Gao knew some artists who came from a military arts background so when the pains of police school was brought up, he showed a lot of interest and took the initiative to open up.

When the dishes were served, Chu Qin stopped conversing and gestured for him to eat. One first had to reduce the other party’s vigilance and make him happy before any information could be gleaned from the mouth. The optimal time to worm facts out of someone was the moment when they were full. Hence, after they ate their fill, Chu Qin would no longer mess around.

Stewed meatballs[2], fried chicken wings, broccoli in garlic sauce and marinated cold jellyfish was paired with a bowl of cooling rock sugar white fungus and snow pear soup. The dishes were common ones and were suited to their taste. The small police officer who had braved the sun for a whole morning had long been hungry and ate the white rice paired with lion’s head generously.

Chu Qin ate a similar amount. Putting down his chopsticks would make the other party feel embarrassed, so he slowly nibbled on a chicken wing, “Even though university life is painful, it is also the most relaxing. I haven’t enjoyed it when I started working at Shengshi during my second year…”

Xiao Gao ate while listening to Chu Qin’s tales of his past struggles. They weren’t long either. Within a few words, he summarized how he won the championship, went to Shengshi and fought for his program.

As a newbie small police officer, he was mesmerized by these tales.

“I think I treat others very well, yet… You also saw it…” Chu Qin repeatedly sighed and revealed a bitter smile, seemingly confused and helpless about the current situation.

“I knew that colleague of yours was speaking nonsense,” After hearing this gold medalist host’s struggles, he had originally been outraged by the injustice done to Chu Qin. When he heard this, his resentment was incessant and immediate.

Chu Qin silently took a bite of his chicken wing without moving.

After the meal, Chu Qin finished asking all the things he wanted to know. The police’s investigation of the case mainly involved finding out about his interpersonal relationships and whether he had enemies. Certain people thus leaked his relationship with Zhong Yibin, even vowing that he was raised. Only those few people were questioned by the police, he would be able to find out who the person was after ruling them out.

Chu Qin stood in the distance and gazed at the building housing the TV station. His lips coldly hooked up. He had mixed around in the circle for seven-eight years and was definitely not one who would stand still for others to bully.

“Qin-ge, I finished all your watermelon,” Upon returning to broadcasting hall, the fruit lover Xiao Tian waved the watermelon peel in his hand at him.

“You didn’t even leave one piece for me?” Chu Qin walked over and rapped Xiao Tian’s head smilingly. “Right, do you remember who the police requested to speak to during the two days I was absent?”

Despite Xiao Tian’s status as a low-ranking ground worker, his ability to get things done had been proven. The task Teacher Liang had assigned him was to keep a record of the attendance of the staff of number one broadcasting hall.

“They called for Teacher Liang, Xiao Xiao-jie… Oh, they also called for Chen Jiming who was next door,” Xiao Tian bit off all the remaining red flesh on the watermelon peel in his hand, thought seriously for a moment and told Chu Qin everything he could remember. After that, he even took out a small book from his back pocket that contained the attendance records and checked against it.

Chu Qin smiled slightly, patted Xiao Tian’s shoulder and went off to record.

In the director’s office of Shengshi Entertainment, the manager of the media relations department stood in front of the desk awkwardly, “I have verified that the phone call indeed came from a public phone. Several magazines don’t know who the informer is either, that person didn’t want any renumeration.”

Zhong Yibin was seated on the boss’s chair. He looked through the information in his hands, ignoring the reporting person who had been punished to stand.

The manager of the media relations department stealthily wiped off his sweat, “Director, actually you don’t have to be too concerned about this issue. After all, Chu Qin is a host not an artist, the public doesn’t care about this. The famous person over at Taiwan who came out of the closet was also the most famous host…”

 “Pah!” Zhong Yibin threw the documents in his hand onto the desk and stared at him while leaning against the chair, “You still haven’t figured out the root cause of the problem.” Two fingers tapped the documents on the desk that contained all the information, from Hurricane selling the pictures to the reveal of Chu Qin having been stabbed.

The manager’s eyes shifted. Suddenly, everything became clear, “You mean someone is opposing Chu Qin?”

Zhong Yibin raised an eyebrow. The truth was, he wanted to say that this business concerned his baby and no matter how small the issue was, it was still a major issue. He didn’t expect for this person to blurt out something even more useful. Zhong Yibin made an ‘en’ sound noncommittally and pushed all the information over.

The manager meticulously looked though all the information and suddenly said, “Director, is it your other lover who is taking revenge against Chu Qin?” According to their informants in the media, it was a young female who called them.

Zhong Yibin was shocked. He swiftly controlled himself to prevent falling from the chair, “What other lover?”

“I, I’m just guessing…” The manager said guiltily. For a moment, his lips loosened and voiced what he had been thinking.

During Chu Qin’s recording, Chen Jiming really watched attentively from a corner. He even lowered his head and made notes on a book diligently. This week, more situations had occurred, and they went over the time. By the time he finished recording, it had already turned dark.

“Qin-ge, are you free tonight? Will you do me the honor of having a meal together?” Chen Jiming warmly invited Chu Qin out for a meal. At the same time, he indicated that a leader from the station would also be going.

The freshly scrubbed clean of makeup Chu Qin took a hot towel to wipe his face and looked up at Chen Jiming. He said gently, “It’s not convenient for me today, I have an engagement with someone at night. Another day then.”

Chen Jiming bit the corner of his lips. He did not expect Chu Qin to reject him so nimbly. He laughed and followed Chu Qin out the door. By coincidence, they met Chairman Chen outside the TV station’s main entrance.

Chen Feng smiled and greeted him, “Xiao Qin, let’s have a meal together?”

So the leader was his father! Chu Qin restrained himself from rolling his eyes. After declining once again, Chairman Chen appeared to be dissatisfied.

“You don’t even give me face, won’t I need to see what impressive figure you’re meeting then?” Chen Feng said and dragged Chu Qin along. He just finished his statement when a dazzling sports car roared over. The braking was done precisely and the car stopped in front of their group.

The automatic door resembled the rising wings of a bird. Zhong Yibin, clad in a suit with his hair slicked back, alighted and glanced at Chu Qin’s hand that Chen Feng was grasping.

“Turns out it’s Director Zhong!” Chen Feng was a little embarrassed.

Chu Qin went forward, “Weren’t you supposed to be waiting at the main entrance, why did you drive over?”

“It’s drizzling outside, I was scared you would be drenched,” Zhong Yibin’s complexion was somewhat ugly, as if he had been wronged. He helped Chu Qin to the car, but after a mere three steps, Zhong Yibin already couldn’t resist placing his chin on Chu Qin’s shoulder with a whisper.

Chen Jiming, who had never seen this spectacle before, felt his eyes sting a little; yet Chen Feng, who had witnessed their interactions before, had his eyeballs about to drop out.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Er Bing: They say I have other lovers. It can’t be true that I was a slag in the past o(>n<)o

Big Brother: En, that’s right

Er Bing: Who else?

Big Brother: Xiao Chu, Xiao Qin, Qin Qin, Xiao Qin Qin

Er Bing: … Big brother you’re messing with me

Big Brother: I am practicing humor, is it funny?

Er Bing: …Ha…Ha… Funny -_-

[1] 碧螺春:A type of green tea grown in the Dongting mountain region near Lake Tai in Jiangsu, China.

[2] It was lion’s head in the raws, which is another name for stewed pork meatballs in China

Translator’s corner: I’m back! Also, Chu Qin’s smile is starting to sound very creepy 😨

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