I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Company

As the man on the receiving end, it would be detrimental to his health to do too much. It may not be noticeable in his youth but all sorts of problems would crop up when he started getting on in years. Whenever Zhong Yibin went overseas for business, he would bring back lots of things like essential oils that helped to maintain health. Finally, he found a famous French luxury goods company who possessed a secret trademark. They specialized in making such items and their product quality was also the highest so he always bought from this brand.

Chu Qin sat on the bed with a red face and looked towards Zhong Yibin, who had on a gleeful smile while raising the bottle. He couldn’t help but shrink back, “I, I can do it by myself…”

“How can you do such a thing by yourself?” Zhong Yibin climbed onto the bed and trapped Chu Qin within his arms. With a serious expression, he stated, “The forum said that I would definitely be considered scum if I let you do such a thing on your own.”

“What?” Chu Qin was amused. What kind of forum was this guy looking at.

The post was titled <How to be a qualified Gong> and described in detail the appropriate actions to be taken before and after the event, including how medicine needed to be applied meticulously if there was redness or bruises. This was within reason even if the analogy was applied to essential oils.

Of course, the more important thing was that Zhong Yibin didn’t want to give up a chance to have  intimate contact.

“Is the sequence correct?” Zhong Yibin showed the small bottle in his hand to Chu Qin. Then, he carried the small rattan basket on the headboard to the bed. There were many bottles and cans in French inside. He had looked through them and obtained a rough understanding of their uses but the order in which they were to be used was something he had yet to figure out.

Chu Qin blushed as he pointed towards the small bottles, “Apply this first, then that. Don’t use the rest for the time being.” Those two were applied after the event while some were meant for use every week. Others were used during different seasons.

At first, it was more convenient to lie on his stomach but Chu Qin’s ribs had yet to meet the hundred day mark, so he could only lie down. As a result, Chu Qin could clearly see all actions.

The soft pajama pants were removed and the bent pair of legs were pulled apart. Chu Qin’s face turned red and he turned his head to side in embarrassment.

Zhong Yibin observed the fair, pretty buttocks and the area that was slightly red and swollen. He couldn’t help but swallow. Pouring the oil on his fingertips, he first massaged the surrounding area for a while, before slowly entering.

This set of movements was done very skillfully, probably because the body still remembered the movements. Similar to driving a car, as long as some directions were provided, the skill could be retrieved.

The soft and cool oil soothed the slightly hot feeling of pain. Chu Qin let out a sigh and felt significantly more comfortable. Yet that finger was extremely dishonest, it lengthened and continued to probe deeper.

“Oh…” It was unknown where the finger touched but Chu Qin couldn’t bear it and let out a whimper, his legs trembling reflexively. He hurriedly covered his mouth and turned around to eye Zhong Yibin.

Zhong Yibin laughed sneakily but didn’t dare to continue teasing him. The gains would not be worth the losses if Chu Qin flared up and refused to let him apply the oil again in the future. After applying the first type of oil and massaging it in for a while, he withdrew gentlemanly. Next, the second bottle of ointment was applied thinly to lock in the oil’s essence. A wet tissue was then used to wipe off the liquid that had leaked out, before he carefully helped Chu Qin to put on his pants.

By then, Chu Qin’s face was so flushed it was about to emit steam. He buried his face into the pillow and refused to come out.

Zhong Yibin packed the things up and lay down beside him, “Take an afternoon nap, you should still be tired.”

They had reached home in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, and even tossed around for half the night. By the time they went to sleep, it should have been later than 3 o’clock. Even if they had slept till noon, the sleepiness was still present. Chu Qin yawned and was encircled by Zhong Yibin’s arms. He couldn’t resist sniffing Zhong Yibin’s chest, his body’s natural smell mixed with a faint scent of… essential oil.

“Did you spill some on your clothes?” Chu Qin gripped Zhong Yibin’s collar with a look of disgust.

Zhong Yibin, who was immersed in his wife’s rare show of dependence, “…”

Zhong Yibin threw his clothes into the washing machine with his head hanging. Chu Qin took out his phone to scroll through Weibo.

“Shocking Large PP” had already posted on Weibo. Within half an hour, the post had already been shared forty-thousand times. On its own, the topic was already very interesting but it was impossible for it to be that hot. This must be the effect of the water army that Zhao Bai hired. After seeing this post, netizens muddled by the gossip were instantly awakened, following others to laugh in the comments section.

[Hahahaha, when my boss drinks too much, I also need to carry him into the car. I even princess-carried him before!]

[What’s wrong with two men hugging? That thief user is really boring.]

Zhang Chi saw that the post was received well, so he casually arranged an activity called “Hug your boss”. People only needed to post a picture of them hugging their boss on Weibo with the tag “Shocking large PP”.  After one week, the best boss hug would be chosen and the person would win a prize of $2333.

For a time, netizens only left messages of laughter. By the time night arrived, many people had already sent pictures of them hugging their bosses. Some discussed it with their bosses before letting their colleagues take the photo while others took advantage of moments when their bosses weren’t prepared to rush over and hug before running off. There were even a few who raised their bosses up after work for the photo. The bosses who were not prepared all sported expressions of confusion.

The one most worthy of laughter was that of a man rushing off and sweeping his boss up in a princess carry. The solemn-faced boss’ wig even fell off in the process, revealing a head that was balding in the middle. This scene was extremely embarrassing.

[I would like to ask if this buddy is still alive?]

[For the sake of $2333, he is willing to throw away his job! Hahahaha!] The internet was very lively and few people continued to keep tabs on the news concerning Chu Qin.

The party controlling entertainment circle’s thief panicked and gave his employer a call, “The heat was suppressed by that activity. Currently, the netizens don’t believe it so releasing our next piece of news isn’t doable.”

They had originally planned to release photos of Zhong Yibin bringing Chu Qin to his residence when the public questioned Chu Qin’s relationship with his boss. This photo would expose the location of Chu Qin’s residence so there was a possibility of being sued. Therefore, they would need to obtain quick returns after releasing the photo. Within two days, the photo would be deleted. It would be good if their expected objective was achieved but this method would also falsely charge Chu Qin with bribing the Weibo operators to force the photo’s deletion.

But the public no longer cared about this. Continuing to put it out would surely be inviting mockery that likened them to clowns. Nobody would believe it.

It was silent for a while before the line was cut, even the intention to pay him was gone. The entertainment circle thief shrugged and turned to scroll through Weibo, till he reached a private message on a business appointment.

The second day, entertainment circle thief released another peal of thunder.

[Regarding me being face-slapped, I can only say that Chu Qin previously stopped working for a week because he was involved in a homosexual love affair and was stabbed. If you don’t believe me, watch the Mu Chen program next week. A certain someone only sat down without moving.] Following that, several photos showing the scene of Mu Chen recording for Confusion was attached. While everyone was running and jumping, only Chu Qin sat on the high chair.

This time, the situation was truly bad. In the earlier years, news had come out that a singer had been stabbed in a same-sex love affair. Without even determining if this was indeed true, the national broadcasting station shut the singer out. Ever since then, nothing could be heard and the singer had yet to surface even after tens of years.

When Chu Qin went to the station to record for the program, everyone looked at him with sympathy-filled gazes.

“Qin-ge, what mad dog did you provoke? Why is he biting you without letting go!” Chen Jiming scolded with a face of rage when Chu Qin ran into him in the makeup room.

Chu Qin observed him, “You also know that it is a mad dog, what kind of show can occur.”

Chen Jiming laughed and went off to record for his talk show.

Broadcasting station Chief Zhang’s secretary ran pass Chen Jiming at the door. Turning around, Chen Jiming watched the secretary run towards Chu Qin. Raising his eyebrows, he left.

“Station chief Zhang asked you to go to his office,” the secretary said with a forehead drenched in sweat.

“Got it,” Chu Qin handed the towel beside him to a young lady, “Don’t panic, giving me a call wouldn’t be any different.”

“That would be too casual,” The small secretary said seriously. The truth was that she wanted to go out and run instead of facing the station chief’s look of demanding repayment.

The station chief seeking Chu Qin out was to express that he was dissatisfied with the rumors online. It was also a request for Chu Qin to resolve it as soon as possible without affecting the ratings. In addition, the station chief also explained that Chen Jiming was a good seedling and that he hoped for Chu Qin to guide him. Later when Chu Qin was recording, he would let Chen Jiming sit below and watch to learn. If Chen Jiming had any questions, Chu Qin should answer them.

Zhong Yibin didn’t accompany Chu Qin to the recording today. Instead, he went to Shengshi Entertainment. The media relations department had tracked down the phone call that informed the paparazzi, but the lead was broken when it was traced to a public telephone near Shengshi Huange. As for the storm on the internet, the public relations department had declared that they were still handling it. After that, there had been no further updates.

He had already rested for two weeks. If he still stayed away from the company, his Qin Qin would be bullied. He entered Shengshi Entertainment’s main doors dressed in a suit, with his hair slicked back. His exquisite leather shoes made sharp squeaking sounds against the black-gold marble floor. The lady and welcoming youngster at the front counter stood at attention and bowed to greet him.


Zhong Yibin’s countenance was reserved as he looked around in a circle. Where was the elevator?

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Nobody can rival the director’s dominance>

Wang’s Daily: Reporting Chu Qin’s scandal balabala

Er Bing: The weather has turned cold, time for Wang’s Daily to go bankrupt

Zhang Family’s Weibo: Exposing Chu Qin playing big cards balabala

Er Bing: The weather has turned hot, time for Zhang Family to close down

Qin Qin: Revealing that Zhong Erbing has done the unwritten rules with a gold medal host balabala

Er Bing: It’s night time, time to let director’s man let out a different kind of sound (laugh)

Qin Qin: Yamete

Translator’s corner: So I have good news and bad news. Good news is I’m finally done with finals 🙂 Bad news is I’ll be on vacation for the following week so there won’t be any chapters next week 😦 Release rate will be back to normal after I get back! As always, thank you for the support 😀

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  1. Thanks for the update and enjoy your holiday! 😁 hope Er bing can find the elevator easily 😂 I love how this novel is so much more accurate about anal compared to I think every other light/web novel I’ve read (or at least being more explicit). Information is important 💓

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