I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Sneak shot

Knows? Knows!

The drops of liquid that leaked out from Chu Qin’s eyes after he was moved to tears was immediately retracted. He rolled his eyes, “You actually… Oh…” He hadn’t finished speaking when his mouth was covered. The thin lips carried the scent of lemon and grinded against his lips. A scorching palm wandered over his body, pressing his struggling hands against the pillow.

They had not been intimate for almost a month. Chu Qin also desired it, so he twisted twice and gave up struggling.

Fearful of pressing against Chu Qin’s ribs, Zhong Yibin tried to support his body on his own. Reaching out a hand to explore the bedside drawers, he found a box of condoms.

“Strawberry-flavored,” Zhong Yibin smiled widely and took one, putting it on in front of Chu Qin.

Chu Qin covered his face with a hand. He had always felt that this guy had turned bad after losing his memories.

Having not done the act for a while, his body had recovered its tautness and there was some pain when Zhong Yibin first entered. Chu Qin bit his lip and tightened his grip on the pillow, earning a soothing kiss.

Zhong Yibin didn’t dare to use any difficult movements in consideration for Chu Qin’s body. However, even doing it in the most plain way was fresh and interesting to the amnesiac Zhong Yibin, as if it was his first time engaging in the act. He tossed around for half the night with great zest.

The next day, when it was almost noon, Chu Qin was awakened by a phone call. Zhong Yibin had long been awake, leaning beside him while watching television.

The phone call was from his agent Zhao Bai. A roar could be heard immediately after picking up the call, “Were you with Director Zhong last night?”

With a quiver, Chu Qin was clear-headed and awake. He glanced guiltily at Zhong Yibin beside him, a slender leg was still sandwiched between his legs. He coughed lightly, “What happened?”

“Hurricane called me today and said that they took pictures of you and Director Zhong yesterday. They asked if I wanted to buy them?” Zhao Bai gritted his teeth. Hurricane was a very capable paparazzi team in the industry, they would constantly dig out hot news. If they didn’t have any deep hatred for the artist, they would usually contact the agent and let him place a bid to purchase it.

Chu Qin contemplated it for moment. He had been with Zhong Yibin since noon yesterday but the two of them had not done any intimate gestures in public, only coming out in the middle of the night to drink. Since Zhong Yibin had been slightly drunk, he had half-dragged and half-carried him into the car.

After recounting yesterday’s events, Zhao Bai was silent for a while. He said, “Then its possible that what they captured was the process of the both of you entering the residence after alighting from the car.”

Hurricane would not put one or half a picture up for sale, it would assuredly be a series of photos. Helping the drunk boss into the car didn’t mean much but he would not be able to explain bringing the boss to his own house.

“Okay, no matter what they took, I’ll just buy it…” Zhao Bai felt his flesh ache as he looked at the budget. “The two of you don’t go out today, make sure you don’t let Director Zhong show his face at the residence’s gate. There are probably paparazzi.”

Chu Qin hung up with his mouth drooping. It was true that he had been careless recently. In the past, whenever he was out with Zhong Yibin, he would intentionally leave some space between them when they walked on the road. Incidents like bringing the drunk person back to his nest would also never happen.

Seeing that he was awake, Zhong Yibin increased the television’s volume. The background music was extremely familiar.

“For Athena, burn, cosmos!” The impassioned soundtrack had the hoarse and struggling sounds of juvenile voices, “Pegasus meteor fist—”

Chu Qin propped up his head and looked at the television mounted on the wall. The white-armored Saint Seiya was throwing a punch at the evil villain.

This guy. Was. Actually. Watching. Saint Seiya!

The box of CDs sent by the Zhong family’s big brother contained the entire series of <Saint Seiya>, along with a lot of other cartoons that was dug out from who-knows-where.  Saint Seiya was a hot-blooded anime from Japan when it was still in its early phase. It told the story of how a group of young people defeated monsters and evolved in order to protect the goddess Athena.

There was nothing wrong with this cartoon, it was just that… seeing his own company’s boss watching Saint Seiya on his bed with a face of diligence was bound to be weird no matter how he looked at it.

Zhong Yibin saw that he was uncomfortable and hugged the person into his embrace, letting him lean against his chest. The hand under the blankets dishonestly made its way to a place that was tight and full of elasticity, “What happened?”

“Nothing major, paparazzi took photos of us yesterday. Zhao Bai will handle it,” Chu Qin’s face reddened and caught that hand.

“Do your buttocks hurt?” Zhong Yibin gazed at him with a pair of sparkling eyes, like a child who had discovered a new toy and couldn’t resist talking to his friends about it.

Chu Qin’s face reddened even further, grumbling in a low voice, “Rogue!”

“Hehehe…” Zhong Yibin smiled foolishly, lowering his head to kiss Chu Qin’s forehead.

He hadn’t exercised for a whole month and was originally weak after having been on bed rest. After being tossed around for a night, Chu Qin felt like his bones were soft and without strength. Having missed breakfast, he could only eat lunch directly.

“Let’s go out and eat something delicious,” Zhong Yibin embraced Chu Qin and coaxed him, thinking of letting Chu Qin eat something nice to regain his strength.

“Oh, we can’t. We can’t go out together today…” Chu Qin was plastered against Zhong Yibin’s chest. He was lazy and placed his phone against Zhong Yibin’s neck to swipe.

Zhong Yibin honestly used his chin to clamp onto the phone, acting as a phone stand for Chu Qin.

There were always countless pieces of news on Weibo every day. Chu Qin gave it a casual look, his eyes suddenly widening. On Weibo, a user called ‘Entertainment thief’ that marketed itself as the avenue for gossip blogged <Shocking! Famous host and boss’ private meeting at nightclub>. The accompanying picture was that of Chu Qin helping Zhong Yibin into the car yesterday night.

Since ‘famous host’ had already been said, coupled with the background, people instantly guessed that it was Chu Qin. Countless people circled Chu Qin requesting for an answer.

[In this age, even men who want to reach the top can also rely on the unwritten rules?]

[Yet another damned gay!]

[I used to think that Chu Qin rose up too quickly, so it was by selling his ass!]

Chu Qin frowned slightly. The comments below didn’t seem to be written by people passing by. The kind of comments were identical and there was no reasoning process, with one look he could tell that it was a water army[1].The terrifying thing about a water army was that it could easily sway passers-by to be biased towards a certain opinion.

Hurricane’s news had already been stopped by Zhao Bai, yet these worthless online media actually had information in their hands as well. It was not surprising for a paparazzi to occasionally take a picture, but it was not normal for several groups of paparazzi to be taking photos at exactly the same time.

“What’s wrong?” Zhong Yibin watched Saint Seiya for a while and looked at Chu Qin for a while, opening his mouth to enquire after seeing his frown.

“More than one paparazzi took photos of us…”  Chu Qin said casually. He closed Weibo and called Zhao Bai, “Did you see the news on Weibo?”

“I just saw…” Zhao Bai’s tone was a little cold, “This group of scorpions, wanting to sell to me yet secretly selling to others!”

Chu Qin sighed, “I don’t think it was sold by Hurricane, you go ask them first.”

After hanging up the phone, Chu Qin pursed his lips in silence for a long time.

“More than one paparazzi took photos, that means someone informed them to come over,” Zhong Yibin stroked Chu Qin’s head and said calmly.

Chu Qin looked up at him in amazement. This guy, even though he had amnesia, his sensitivity to situations had not waned the slightest bit. This was a good sign. During the check-up, the doctor had asked him to observe whether Zhong Yibin’s thinking ability had slowed. Now he could rest easy.

Pecking him on his stubbled chin, Chu Qin decided to reward the smart Er Bing, “What do you want to eat for lunch?”

“Hotpot,” Zhong Yibin had been hungry for a while already. When he was watching Saint Seiya, his head had been filled with thoughts of the fish hotpot they had eaten the other time.

“Oh, then I’ll go buy the ingredients,” There were paparazzi downstairs today, calling for hotpot takeaway would draw too much attention. More importantly, there were still two packets of soup base at home that would expire if they didn’t use it soon.

“I’ll buy,” Zhong Yibin’s heart ached for Chu Qin’s sore waist and buttocks.

“That won’t do!” Chu Qin immediately stopped him and made a joke about the group of people waiting downstairs for Zhong Yibin. Stretching lazily, Chu Qin took a bath. After his body’s fatigue was alleviated, Chu Qin took his wallet and mobile phone and valiantly went to the supermarket.

The paparazzi at the gate saw that he had come out and instantly followed after him. Seeing him enter a supermarket, they sent a spirited follow-up

Donned in a mask and baseball cap, Chu Qin walked through the supermarket’s doors in a low-key fashion and was stopped by several people who were carrying cameras and microphones.

Shocked, Chu Qin subconsciously retreated but the lady holding the microphone immediately stopped him and thrust the gaudily-labelled microphone at him, “May I know how you view people treating Qixi Festival[2] as Valentine’s Day?”

After staring distractedly for a moment, Chu Qin noticed a funny ‘big mouth’ brand on the camera. The microphone also had a large red-colored mouth on it. He slowly eased out a breath. This should be one of those entertainment programs that randomly interviews passers-by on the street, not to question him about the news piece. He coughed lightly and said, “View them with my eyes.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” The lady interviewing him asked the next question.

“No,” Chu Qin replied honestly.

“So what will you do on Qixi?” The lady asked with a smile.

Chu Qin sighed, “That day… I should still be working…” Then, he left with a lonely silhouette, going off to buy ingredients alone.

“It looks like he is not only a single dog, but also a dog who does overtime,” The lady holding the microphone said sympathetically to the camera.

The follow-up paparazzi who just came in happened to see this scene. He lowered his head and prepared to enter when he was caught by the microphone lady, “May I know how you view people treating Qixi Festival as Valentine’s Day?”

The paparazzi didn’t want to be interviewed but was stuck to by the microphone lady. When he turned his head in search of Chu Qin, that person had already vanished into the sea of people in the supermarket. At the same time, the paparazzi felt like his life had lost all meaning.

Small theater: <The song of the smart Er Bing>

Qin Qin: suki suki suki suki suki suki[3]

Er Bing: I love Qin Qin~

Qin Qin: suki suki suki suki suki suki

Er Bing: I am xiao Er Bing!

Er Bing: Ah~ Ah~

Er Bing: Start working your dog’s waist[4]~

Qin Qin: …..

[1] Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content. (from Wikipedia)

[2] Qixi, the night of Sevens, occasionally called the Chinese Valentine’s Day or Magpie Festival, refers to the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. On this day, couples go to the temple and pray for their loved one and for a possible marriage. There are a few other traditions that are synonymous with the date but I won’t go into them here, google if you would like to know more 😊

[3] Suki is the Japanese word for love, but the Chinese phrase used was 格叽, probably because there was no Chinese equivalent. Apparently this line is from the Chinese version of the song for Smart Ikkyu-San (a Japanese anime). I’m not sure if the translation to Suki is correct but it was the only explanation I could find that somewhat made sense haha. Comment if this makes more sense to you than me~

[4] This describes the virility of a man through the comparison of a man’s waist with that of a dog. A man who has a dog’s waist is very good in bed.

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  3. TIL flavored condoms should only be for oral sex (unless directions on the package state otherwise) and the sugar in the flavored coating could cause vaginal yeast infection…


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