I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Rage

“Just nice, the four of you make up a table for mahjong,” When Wei Yan saw Chu Qin enter, he was momentarily moved. It had to be known that if he wanted to enter the entertainment industry in the future, it would be very helpful to know someone like Chu Qin. It was just that Chu Qin came in holding Zhong Yibin’s hand, leading him to believe that Chu Qin was similar to those inexperienced models who came out to sell themselves. Wei Yan’s gaze couldn’t help revealing some contempt and he was no longer in a hurry to talk to Chu Qin.

Zhong Yibin that group of four buddies played well, naming themselves as Chicken Yao, Er Bing, fifty thousand and whiteboard. These names were terribly silly yet they always brought them up.

The model on stage finished singing and put down the microphone. She sat on the other side of the sofa, nestling in the embrace of an average-sized man with plain looks. This person was called Bai Cheng, a playboy. Another model stuck to his side, pouring wine for him. Hearing these names, he interjected, “Their three names are so exotic yet they still insist on dragging me in, forcing me to be a whiteboard[1].”

The rest of them laughed along. Wei Yan thought that he managed to get everyone to laugh and was somewhat proud. He opened his mouth and asked Chu Qin, “Qin-ge doesn’t have to record today? I heard that Mu Chen was invited this week!”

This opening statement was to ask someone about their job in a very familiar way, how was it the attitude that a junior should have when speaking to a senior? Chu Qin had been in the industry for so many years and had seen all types of people. Naturally, he could hear the arrogance in those words. His lips hooked up coldly and he slowly sipped at his juice, completely without intention of engaging in conversation.

The atmosphere immediately became awkward.

Wu Qianqian side-eyed her family’s cousin brother.

Wei Yan’s face was flushed. They had played for so long tonight and everyone gave him face because of his status as Wu Wan’s cousin. Even those two models poured wine for him. He had never considered that Chu Qin would directly show a discontented face to him.

“We’re here to have fun, if you have something to say then say it. This is not a place for people to act self-important,” Although Zhou Zimeng also thought poorly of Wei Yan’s short-sightedness, she also disliked Chu Qin. She was more than happy to add to his discomfort.

Hearing Zhou Zimeng say this, confidence sprouted in the depths of Wei Yan’s heart. He felt that he had been wronged and let out a snort.

The atmosphere chilled.

At that moment, Zhong Yibin had been drinking with Chicken Yao. Hearing those words spoken, he instantly stopped and slowly looked around. Bai Cheng was leaning against the model with an expression of looking at a joke. Zhou Zimeng was sneering with slanted eyes. Wu Wan scratched his head and tried to say something to smooth things over while Chu Qin sat as calm and composed as before.

“F*cking…” Zhong Yibin ground out in a low voice, the last letter dropping heavily in an abrupt manner. In one move, he flung the beer bottle in his hands. The bottles were imported from Germany and were very durable. Against the hard floor, the bottle burst open and an explosion of sound was heard.

Immediately, the room was silent. This sort of high-class KTV room had sound-control equipment, the music would be temporarily stopped once the sound exceeded a certain decibel in order to protect the customers’ ears. Without music, the silence was audible. The two models were so scared that they let out a shriek before hurriedly covering their mouths.

Wei Yan was ecstatic. Look, one must have an attitude of selling oneself if one came out, now even your golden owner is angry?

Zhong Yibin stood up. His arm slowly shook as he pointed at Wu Wan and Zhou Zimeng, “What the hell do you mean!”

Zhou Zimeng’s face was white. She knew that Zhong Yibin was also a carefree prince but he had always treated females with warmth and grace. This was the first time Zhong Yibin scolded her right to her face.

“Er Bing, Er Bing, don’t be angry, don’t be angry!” Wu Wan anxiously came up and held onto him, pushing down the arm that was pointed towards them, “Zimeng just says things in a rough way, you should know that.”

“Get out of the way! This elder also says things in a rough way!” Zhong Yibin pushed Wu Wan away and dragged Chu Qin up, embracing him. “I thought of you guys as friends yet you treated my wife like this. Really slapping my face!”

Wife? Wife!

Wei Yan’s eyes widened and his face instantly turned pale. At the side, Zhou Zimeng’s facial color was even worse than him. In the past, Zhong Yibin also treated Chu Qin well but never spoke of their relationship. This led her to always hope for…

This time, Zhong Yibin was truly enraged. He finally knew why Chu Qin disliked these friends of his. Thinking highly of themselves because they were rich members of the second-generation? His Chu Qin relied on himself to reach where he was, he was stronger than these people who relied on their fathers to eat by a few hundred times! On what basis should he give them face!

Was it possible that the past him didn’t realize that they were bullying Chu Qin?

Zhong Yibin was extremely distressed. He dragged Chu Qin to leave but Wu Wan refused to let him go. What a joke, Zhong Yibin would walk out from this door today, let him see if they had face to come out with him next time!

“Er Bing! Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive!” Wu Wan turned to Ji Yao for help. Ji Yao quickly came up and helped to pull them.

Bai Cheng pushed the model in his arms away, his face turning cold. He told Zhou Zimeng, whose face was already beginning to turn green, “Quickly apologize to Chu Qin.”

“What’s so great about him!” Zhou Zimeng stood up and said harshly. She picked up her bag at the side, took a look at Zhong Yibin and pushed open the door to leave.

Bai Cheng swallowed.

Wu Qianqian pushed the cousin who was beside her, “What are you blanking out for, go apologize to my Qin-ge! Is this how you speak to your seniors?”

When Wei Yan saw that Zhong’s Yibin’s anger was for the sake of Chu Qin, he was already afraid. He himself guessed Chu Qin’s identity wrongly and even spoke to him in such a manner. At the same time, he also offended Zhong Yibin. He was very clear on Zhong Yibin’s status. His cousin brought him along today so that he could get to know Zhong Yibin and test if he could sign under Shengshi Entertainment. Even if he didn’t sign, knowing Director Zhong would have huge benefits for his career development.

“Qin-ge, I’m still studying and don’t know how to speak properly. Please pardon me,” Wei Yan trembled as he walked over, admitting his wrongs with a lowered head.

“The words you said just now? I didn’t hear, what wrongs are there to pardon,” The smile on Chu Qin’s face did not change. The tone of his speech was also very natural, as if nothing happened.

Wei Yan couldn’t help shivering. He was really worthy of being an old fox in the industry, a mere sentence could expose the incident just now. From start to end, he was the only one without face. Finally waking up from his young master’s dream, he realized that compared to Chu Qin, he was simply too inexperienced.

Chu Qin indicated to Zhong Yibin not to make too huge of a fuss by kneading the palm of his hand. After all, they were good friends who grew up with him from young. It would be a joke if it was let out that Zhong Yibin fell out with his friends over this small matter.

Zhong Yibin turned to look at him. Wu Wan hurriedly persuaded him and Ji Yao held on to him without letting go. Bai Cheng was very smart and went to pull at Chu Qin, “Er Bing can leave but Chu Qin can’t leave. We’ve known each other for so long but haven’t had a good drink!”

After pulling and persuading, they finally pushed the two people back down onto the seats.

The gathering continued. Wu Wan went out to search for Zhou Zimeng but she had already disappeared. They could only give the Zhou family a call and alert them to prevent them from losing track of her.

The two models knew how to gauge the mood. Seeing that everyone changed their attitude towards Chu Qin, they started flattering Chu Qin.

“Qin-ge, we’re in the fashion industry. Is it possible to develop in the entertainment industry?” The woman who was singing previously smiled and asked. “What did you think of my singing just now?”

“You only have that kind of singing ability, how to enter the entertainment circle. Relying on your face could still let you mix around there for a few days,” Bai Cheng said laughingly.

The model giggled and whacked Bai Cheng lightly. Wei Yan, who was staring blankly at the side, secretly pouted. This person really didn’t have eyes, saying nonsense without first evaluating the situation, really thinking of himself as a young master!

Wei Yan worried inwardly, pulling on his cousin’s sleeve.

Wu Wan sighed. He had promised his aunt to find a road for his cousin. This was certainly good, the road had yet to be found but Zhong Erbing was already offended. After thinking it over, he still brought it up, “What was the project Director Yu spoke to you about cooperating on last week? I saw him receiving your name-card.”

The imported beer in the bottles was better-tasting than the ones poured into cups. Zhong Yibin opened a new bottle and offered it to Chu Qin first to drink. Chu Qin considered that he would need to drive later so he drank a small mouth and didn’t drink anymore. Zhong Yibin hauled the bottle back and drank from the spot that Chu Qin drank from, “We definitely talked about an entertainment project, you want a share?”

Mimicking a tai-chi pose in a half-truthful way, Zhong Yibin clinked bottles with Wu Wan.

Chu Qin looked on with some surprise. This guy appeared dim-witted at him, but when outside he didn’t seem to have lost his memories. Looks like the emergency training by the Zhong family’s big brother was very effective.

“I can’t play this,” Wu Wan laughed mischievously.

“That’s right, you only know how to throw stones for people[2],” Bai Cheng attacked him.

“Go away,” Wu Wan kicked at him with a leg but Bai Cheng dodged agilely, resulting in his cousin Wei Yan being smacked instead. Wu Wan laughed boisterously and dragged Wei Yan over, “Look at this stupid one, he needs an internship during his school’s summer vacation but up till now, he hasn’t found a decent team.”

Chu Qin looked down. Was this asking Zhong Yibin to find him a team?

This would not have been a big deal originally. Zhong Yibin had a good relationship with Wu Wan and as the cousin of a good brother, let alone a team, even finding a sixth male lead position for him to act would not have been a problem. However, Director Zhong now had amnesia and on top of that, was in a bad mood…

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Er Bing is a biscuit[3] rich in emotion>

Big brother: My family’s Er Bing is not silly at all

Qin Qin: For example?

Big Brother: When he is angry…

Er Bing: Embodiment of a raging small biscuit (t_s)#

Big Brother: When asked about trade secrets…

Er Bing: Embodiment of a black sesame biscuit <( ̄ˇ ̄)/

Big Brother: When seeing Chu Qin

Er Bing: Embodiment of… a doughnut o(RvQ)o

Qin Qin: →_→

[1] 白板: pronounced as Bai Ban, he’s saying that the word play is too tenuous because the only link between Bai Cheng and Bai Ban is the word ‘Bai’

[2] 冲人扔石头: not too sure about the meaning for this, some sort of fortune telling? Please comment if you know what it means!

[3] The ‘Bing’ in Er Bing is biscuit in Chinese

Translator’s corner: Well that escalated quickly..

*There will only be one chapter per week starting from next week because finals are coming up. It will last for about a month and updates will be on Friday.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter 💕

    ?? Why is Er Bing a doughnut?? Shouldn’t he, I don’t know, an eclair or something?? Is my reading comprehension so sucky I misread who tops and bottoms?? Or did I misunderstand the doughnut thingy?? Man, I’m so confused…

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    1. Hmm I’m not too sure why either but it might be because a doughnut is sweet? The Chinese version of doughnut translates literally to sweet circle so the doughnut comment might just be alluding to how Er Bing is full of sugar whenever he sees CQ 🙂 Hope that helps!

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  2. Yay! Face smack those a-holes! No wonder CQ doesn’t like them! They don’t even try to hide the fact that they look down on him! Stupid people! I guess the original ZY sorta knew about this, but since they are his childhood friends he just kept his wife away from his friends instead of reacting like this. 🤔 Wonder what he’s gonna be like when he regains his memory…. Anyways, thanks for the update!

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