I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Gratitude

Mo Shaoyang actually debuted two years ago, just that he never managed to star in an outstanding film. Moreover, his status as a newcomer meant that he had no connections in the entertainment industry. This time, he had come to Confusion prepared to be a wallflower, not thinking that Chu Qin would actually promote him. Mo Shaoyang glanced at Chu Qin with gratitude and took the female police officer’s cap, holding his arm and raising his chin.

Chu Qin smiled slightly at the little boy who instantly got into character. Lin Xiaoxiao made a fuss about wanting him to wear a skirt so an assistant immediately sent over a sequined skirt which could directly be put on.

“It can’t be…” Mo Shaoyang made a pained face as if wanting to run but was caught by Lin Xiaoxiao and forced into wearing the skirt.

“Beauty, don’t be afraid!” Lin Xiaoxiao pinched the chin of the newbie, miming actions of wanting to take advantage of him.

Mo Shaoyang instantly acted as a wife and pointed a finger in accusation, “Then you must take responsibility.”

“Hahahaha…” The outcome was unexpectedly good and the audience burst into laughter.

“This kid is quite intelligent,” Mu Chen shifted to Chu Qin’s side, moved his microphone away and said in a low voice.

Chu Qin nodded, he indeed had potential. He was happy to help intelligent youths but of course, he could only do so when it was within his capacity. The program’s outcome was still the most important.

The camera turned towards the both of them and Mu Chen picked up his microphone, “Stop acting like a fool here, quickly go be a corpse.”

Chu Qin’s mouth flattened as he lay down on the prop bed. When background music started playing, Mu Chen donned white gloves and circled Chu Qin in a serious manner. He entered the movie scenario, “The deceased’s face is distorted…”

The camera pointed towards Chu Qin’s good-looking face. Chu Qin opened his eyes, seemingly lost.

“Distorted face!” Mu Chen repeated himself.

“Oh oh!” Chu Qin hurriedly made a grotesque expression.

“Pff—” Mo Shaoyang the female police officer, who had been standing at the side, couldn’t help letting out a laugh.

“This police officer, how can you laugh when facing such a miserable corpse?” Lin Xiaoxiao accused as if her heart ached. Then, she ran to Mu Chen’s side and began to jabber on and on, “Oh, don’t pry open the eyes, it’ll destroy the eyes. But Master Detective, I realized something important…”

Mu Chen resisted laughing and glared at her, “Don’t call me Master Detective in the movie!”

Master Detective was a nickname only known to the audience, people in the movie would never call him this. The audience once again erupted into laughter. Lin Xiaoxiao herself laughed till she couldn’t speak, squatting on the floor.

Mu Chen ignored her and pried open Chu Qin’s mouth to examine it. At a corner, Mo Shaoyang raised his chin slightly and kneaded his throat, “Forensic doctor, what did you say you found out just now?”

Lin Xiaoxiao coughed twice and stood up, solemnly pointing towards Chu Qin’s face, “I found out… that he has two dimples here.”

The entire venue was silent for a second. Mu Chen slowly raised his head, “Assistant, drag this ignorant forensic doctor away.”

Li Ting, who was playing the retching police officer, quickly went up and dragged Lin Xiaoxiao away. Zhu Chang appeared in a timely fashion, dragging a broom along as if Harry Potter was flying in from the side, leaving a few silly giggles in his wake. The scenario was completely messed up and the audience laughed unceasingly. Even Zhong Yibin couldn’t resist joining in the laughter.

The program plan arranged for others to stand or rush about, only Chu Qin had to lie down without moving. This allowed him to rest his overburdened ribs, making Zhong Yibin very satisfied with this scenario. Chu Qin was also taking this opportunity to rest, his ribs would throb with pain when standing.

“Hey, wait a minute, isn’t there a kiss scene after this?” After finishing the scenario, Lin Xiaoxiao stopped everyone who was packing up the props and brought up the plot that she had gotten a glimpse of.

Chu Qin, who was still lying down, interjected, “You aren’t even playing the police officer, What are you looking forward to?”

Lin Xiaoxiao immediately choked up and forced out, “Then let the forensic doctor kiss God Detective!” Saying this, she attached herself to Mu Chen, her posture that of a innocent woman wanting to be kissed. Today, she wore bright red lipstick. When she deliberately pursed her mouth, it resembled two bananas.

Mu Chen used an arm to catch Lin Xiaoxiao by the waist, stopping her from falling down. He smiled at her, “I think… I will still kiss the female police officer.”

“Oh—” The female police officer was played by Mo Shaoyang. The reactions of the audience below stage could immediately be heard.

“Hey! Kissing in the morgue, have you ever thought of the corpse’s feelings?” Chu Qin sat up and glared at them.

“Hahahaha…” Lin Xiaoxiao couldn’t resist laughing any longer and plopped on the ground, so tickled that she couldn’t straighten her waist.

The role-playing section was very successful and the next section was the game. In order to take care of Chu Qin, the sports program was cancelled and they played word games instead. It was very lively as well.

After all the sections had ended, they filmed an individual program specially prepared by Mu Chen – fried vegetables. This could be an Easter egg or be used when there was an interval during the program.

“I specially went home to learn this from Mother for Confusion,” Mu Chen placed sliced pieces of meat into the mixture of starch and egg white to mix evenly. The dish he was making was boiled meat slices.

The often solemn and reserved Film Emperor washing hands and making soup was too beautiful a picture. The audience was in a frenzy. Zhong Yibin grinned. What was this, he could also cook. This morning, he already succeeded in making toast and fried bacon. Chu Qin said he was a cooking genius!

The hot oil was poured over the dried chilli peppers, the Sichuan peppers buried within them sizzling. Chu Qin placed the microphone nearby, enveloping the venue in this seductive sound.

At this moment, the plump Zhu Chang suddenly became lively, snatching a piece of meat to eat. “Oh…” He burnt his tongue.

Several actors and hosts rushed over to eat. Chu Qin couldn’t pick up the meat with his chopsticks and was very anxious, “Quickly pinch a piece for me, I can’t bend over!”

Everyone ignored him, only concerned about snatching the meat. Mu Chen grabbed a piece and fed it to Chu Qin, his other hand below the meat to prevent the soup from dripping.

“Ah—” The girl beside Zhong Yibin excitedly grabbed his sleeve. “Oh my god, oh my god, I’ve looked forward to this scene for many years!”

Almost immediately, Zhong Yibin’s face turned black.

After shooting for four hours, filming finally ended and the audience left the venue. Zhong Yibin left from the main gate and was preparing to go backstage when he was stopped by the girl beside him.

“Handsome, can we take a photo with you?” The girl and a few of her friends surrounded him.

“We sincerely invite you to join the ‘Qin-ge Support Club’, let’s follow each other on weibo.”

“This is our Q group, remember to add it!”

The passionate group of girls made Zhong Yibin feel somewhat overwhelmed. He wrote down the numbers of the group of girls before raising his head to find a chance to escape. A security guard at the side saw him and immediately walked over.

“Quickly leave, don’t linger here,” The security guard chased away the girls and indicated for them to leave the venue before turning back and smiling at Zhong Yibin. “Director Zhong, this way has no people.”

The security guard was talking about the celebrity exit. Zhong Yibin walked towards the place and eventually made his way backstage.

Chu Qin was at the dressing room removing his makeup. Although the stage makeup for males was not thick, but when he was not under the bright lights of the stage, it made him seem lofty. It was still better to get rid of it before leaving. Mu Chen was beside him. His exclusive makeup artist removed stage makeup and immediately applied daily makeup. As the film emperor who could be photographed at any moment, it was necessary for him to maintain a good image.

“What happened to your rib?” The dressing room was quite big and the people from the program were all in the room removing their makeup. The room was very noisy and since the two of them were beside each other, Mu Chen’s soft question was not heard by others.

“Beaten by someone,” After removing his makeup, Chu Qin took the hot towel given to him by Du Wei and rubbed his face. He raised his eyes to see Zhong Yibin walk in.

“En?” Mu Chen was originally going to close his eyes but immediately opened them after hearing these words. He wanted to probe further but saw Zhong Yibin and stood up to greet up, “Director Zhong, it’s been a long while since we’ve met.”

Zhong Yibin side-eyed him. He couldn’t remember if he knew Mu Chen in the past so he nodded indifferently and bent down to look at Chu Qin. His hand rested on the back of Chu Qin’s chair, full of possessiveness.

Mu Chen raised an eyebrow. In the past, Zhong boss didn’t have this sort of attitude towards him, perhaps he was unhappy that he fed Chu Qin meat today. He didn’t care much about this and just sat back down to let the makeup artist continue her work. He had wanted to discuss collaborating on a new program with Zhong Yibin but it looked like today was not a good time.

“Is it painful?” Zhong Yibin had been slightly unhappy but seeing Chu Qin’s pale face after the makeup was removed, he instantly forgot what he had wanted to say.

“It’s fine…” Chu Qin shook his head. His rib was indeed hurting but it wasn’t serious and could still be tolerated. When they started, he saw that group of hosts at a corner waiting to see him make a fool of himself. He just would not let them see such a scene.

Zhong Yibin couldn’t feel at ease. He dragged Chu Qin to the small dressing room next door to change his clothes. On their way out, they met Mo Shaoyang, who had just finished removing his makeup.

“You haven’t left?” Chu Qin casually greeted him.

“Qin-ge,” Mo Shaoyang was a little anxious. He hadn’t gotten used to saying courtesy words but today, he wanted to sincerely thank Chu Qin so he hardened his skin and opened his mouth. “Thank you for today,” He bowed and ran off without turning around.

Chu Qin stared blankly for a moment before slowly laughing. He would do his best to take care of any artist who appeared on his program, as long as he could do so. However, there were few who would be truly grateful to him.

Zhong Yibin furrowed his eyebrows. He suddenly realized that the number of rivals he had were a little large.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Er Bing surpasses his rivals in all areas>

Mu Chen: I am the film emperor

Er Bing: I am also a film emperor, I can act as someone with amnesia

Qin Qin:  →_→

Mo Shaoyang: I am young and fresh

Er Bing: I am also young and fresh, I even come with a condom to preserve freshness

Qin Qin: →_→ That’s called cling wrap

Er Bing: (⊙v⊙)The boss of the medicine shop said it’s called condom

Qin Qin: …..

Translator’s corner: Question of the day – will Er Bing need to go for vinegar management classes by the end of the novel?

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    LXX makes me laugh in this chapter too

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