I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Liking

It could be an emergency backup or a prior backup in another area of his memory… the words of the Zhong family’s eldest son continued to linger in his mind. Looking at Zhong Yibin’s board-like head with inch-length hair in front of him, a feeling of softness unconsciously rose in his heart.

Chu Qin reached out a hand and ruffled his fluffy board-inch head, “Go on, take a shower.”

Zhong Yibin’s eyes brightened and he pulled Chu Qin up, “I’ll wash you.”

The bathroom was very spacious because Chu Qin liked to take baths. There was a large bathtub with a length of 1.8 meters in the bathroom. Since he had been hospitalized, it had already been a week since he had last showered. He had only been able to use the towel to wipe himself down last night because his rib had been paining him, hence Chu Qin was especially looking forward to having a nice soak in the bathtub.

“No,” Zhong Yibin disagreed. Water would flow over the chest if he lay down in the tub, possibly causing chest pain. Therefore, he would only allow Chu Qin to take a shower.

Zhong Yibin smoothly took off Chu Qin’s shirt and pants, then reached for the pair of white boxers.

“Hey!” Chu Qin swatted away the wolf’s paw. “I’ll take this off myself,” He went into the bathroom and closed the door, heaving a sigh of relief.

When Zhong Yibin helped him to take off his clothes just now, his warm breath could be felt on his neck, causing his heart rate to increase. Turning the tap, fine water spurted out from the shower head, still slightly cold. He cupped his hands and threw the water over his face, cooling down his heated face.

It was really becoming more and more strange. Chu Qin stood under the shower and closed his eyes. They had been together for so long but facing the current Zhong Yibin brought him back to the time when a small peck would make him blush and his heart quicken. It must be because Zhong Yibin’s eyes were too pure now…

He squeezed the shampoo onto his hand and rubbed his hair with the foam. As Chu Qin was wiping his face to remove the bubbles, he glimpsed from the corner of his eyes that the door to the bathroom did not appear to be fully closed. Turning to close the door, he realized that a pair of sparkling eyes were staring straight at him through the slit in the door.

“Zhong Yibin!” Chu Qin’s furious roar could be heard throughout the entire house.

“I… I was scared that you would slip…” Zhong Yibin, whose nose had almost been smashed by the door, clung onto the bathroom door and said in a wronged tone.

Chu Qin ignored him and quickly finished his shower. He wrapped himself in a bathrobe, took off the non-slip slippers and stepped onto the carpet barefoot. His white rounded toes with a hint of pink scrunched up on the grey wool carpet.

Zhong Yibin stared at his feet for a while. He raised his arms and wrapped the person up in a princess carry.

“What are you doing!” Chu Qin was shocked. The towel wrapped around his neck that he had been using to dry his hair dropped.

“The floor is cold,” Zhong Yibin said as he laid the person onto the bed. He picked up the towel on the floor and grasped a beautiful foot to dry the sole. Chu Qin was born fair, the skin at the area of the foot that rarely met sunlight was so pale that it almost seemed transparent. Cyan blood vessels could even be seen through the thin skin.

Chu Qin stared blankly at his actions and said after a long while, “That’s the towel I use to dry my hair!”

“…” Zhong Yibin, who had wanted to take the chance to eat some tofu[1] in the midst of his attentiveness, was sent to the bathroom to take his shower and wash the towel because he picked up the wrong towel.

Chu Qin crossed his legs on the bed and rubbed his head, rubbing away thoughts of the strange atmosphere just now. He picked up his phone and browsed weibo. His post on hotpot was very popular and the fans were still tirelessly leaving messages, causing even Qian Liang’s fans to join in the fun.

[You-ge, I still love you even if you have a coffin face!]

[Who said our You-ge has a coffin face! That is obviously a brick face!]

[All those who’ve never blackened Qian Liang before, praise me]

Chu Qin couldn’t help snickering, Qian Liang should be hopping mad by now. As a host who frequently claimed that he was very handsome, he must be very sad being teased as “coffin face and “brick face”. Just as Chu Qin was snickering, the bathroom door slammed open and a freshly showered Zhong Yibin sent his slippers flying to the side, rubbing his feet on the carpet like Chu Qin did.

“Dry your feet properly, or you might get athlete’s foot,” Chu Qin help up his phone and directed Zhong Yibin to use a towel and wipe his feet.

Zhong Yibin ignored him and leaped onto the bed in a few steps, stepping on the blanket with his wet feet.

“Hey!” Chu Qin wanted to pinch his buttocks but the person happily stepping on the bed was agile and dodged him, racing towards the living room. Chu Qin grew even more worried, “Put your slippers on, the living room floor is cold!”

The flooring in the living room was pure wood without any carpeting but certain places like the wine cellar and foyer had tiles. The entire house was air-conditioned and the floors were very cold.

He hadn’t finished his words when Zhong Yibin walked in with a small bag printed with the words “Super Ox Drinks” and a cup of warm water. Zhong Yibin flopped down beside him and passed the cup to Chu Qin, taking out three boxes of medicine from the small bag.

The medicine was taken back from Hou Chuan today while the bag was from the recording studio. As a famous sponsor of Confusion, Super Ox Drinks gifted them a never-ending pile of bags.

Only after Zhong Yibin had confirmed that the dosage printed on the medicine box and the doctor’s prescribed dose matched up did he meticulously count out the corresponding number of pills and place them on Chu Qin’s hand, “Take your medicine.”

The painkillers prescribed by the doctor to reduce swelling were much gentler than the normal painkillers. Chu Qin himself had forgotten about taking medicine, only feeling as if the warmth from the cup in his hand had burrowed deep into the depths of his heart.

In the past, Zhong Yibin this young master had no knowledge of how to take care of someone. Only after being with Chu Qin did he slowly start learning. Thinking back to the time when they had just met, the Zhong family’s second young master who had a good upbringing would open the door for Chu Qin when they got into the car. But then, he would park the car beside a puddle of water, causing Chu Qin to step right into that puddle of water when he alighted.

At that time, Zhong Yibin merely looked at him. There was no expression on his face but a trace of embarrassment could be seen in his eyes. That was the day he had sent Chu Qin to his interview at Shengshi, he couldn’t possibly turn up at with wet socks.

“Look how resourceful I am, I even prepared a spare pair of socks!” Chu Qin smiled as he sat back in the car, took off his soaked socks and pulled out a new pair of socks from his pocket.

“Why would you carry socks with you?” Zhong Yibin was extremely surprised. This person was quite interesting.

“Oh, I tend to clench my toes when I’m nervous so it’s easy for my socks to tear.” That year, Chu Qin was only eighteen. When he laughed, two small dimples would peek out. It was especially adorable. “I was thinking, if Director Zhong wanted to treat me to Japanese food, seeing two large holes when I take off my shoes would be too unsightly.”

In the end, the interview that day really went well and Zhong Yibin ended up treating Chu Qin to Japanese food.

“What are you thinking of?” Zhong Yibin leaned against the bedhead and checked the past year’s emails one by one using his laptop. Turning around, he caught Chu Qin staring at him in a daze, prompting Zhong Yibin to wave his hand in front of his face.

Chu Qin came back to earth, slightly embarrassed at being caught in the act. He curled deeper into the blanket, unable to resist peeking at him again. Zhong Yibin was really good looking. It was said that Zhong Yibin’s father was mixed-race, so his eyes appeared deeper than the average person and even his nose was higher.

He did take after his elder brother in some aspects – he had thin, pale lips that made him look distant, making it easy for his subordinates to feel afraid of him. Only Chu Qin knew that the words those lips voiced would not be harsh but sweet and soft.

“I was just thinking… You don’t remember anything that happened in the past so why do you still treat me so well…” Chu Qin was distracted so his words were unhurried and carried the cadence that was a result of his profession. Hearing these words really made one’s heart itch.

Zhong Yibin laughed a little and turned his gaze back to the laptop. “Because I like you!” These words were said casually, as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Chu Qin’s toes clenched underneath the blanket, “You, you don’t even have your memories, why would you still like me?”

Zhong Yibin turned to look at him. He threw the laptop to one side and slipped down the headboard beside him. Supporting his head with one arm, he said, “I’m happy when I see you. When I’m close to you, my heart beats faster. This has nothing to do with memories. Even if I forget you, I will still like you.”

Zhong Yibin placed Chu Qin’s hand on his chest. Through the soft pajamas, he could feel the heated flesh and powerful, rapid heartbeats. That rhythm was truly much faster than what it would be like when one was calm.

That touch made Chu Qin so shy that his face turned red. The previous Zhong Yibin would never say these words. He was only this straightforward because he had amnesia. But this sort of straightforward loving words was unexpectedly moving.

Then, because he said nice sounding words, Director Zhong who was holding Chu Qin’s hand to his chest, received a wet, sweet kiss.

The warm, thin lips felt no different from the past. Chu Qin couldn’t resist and gently sucked on his lower lip.

Zhong Yibin’s eyes slowly widened, the strands of hair on his head standing up one by one. After a while, when Chu Qin was ready to leave, he finally reacted and quickly turned over, pressing the person against the pillow to deepen the kiss.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <How to make use of your wife’s nice voice>

Er Bing: Qin Qin, I can’t sleep

Qin Qin: Then I’ll read you a book

Er Bing: Okay, I want to listen to the special events from <Emperor, don’t be noisy>

Qin Qin: … Oh, Emperor, don’t, gentle… be more gentle…

Er Bing: Wails~~

Qin Qin: Hey hey, didn’t you say you wanted to listen to stories before going to bed?

Er Bing: Now I want to do bedtime exercises? (^?^*)

Qin Qin: o(>n<)o

[1] Eating tofu is slang for mild flirting, skinship and has the connotation of taking advantage of someone

Translator’s corner: Ahh!! Confession!! Also, looks like them cliffs have arrived 😉

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  1. This kind of domestic sweetness makes my dentist unbelievably happy. Us single dogs, let’s hold hands, eat this premium dog food, and wail in a corner together.

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