I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Backup

Chu Qin froze for a moment, he hadn’t noticed whom the recording studio was being used by. He smiled warmly upon seeing Chen Jiming, “I was wondering whose voice was so nice. No wonder, its Jiming.”

Originally, Chen Jiming had made this joke out of courtesy. He would be losing face if he truly believed in his words. Chu Qin’s praise was to indicate that he was just passing by, but narcissistic people would understand his words as ‘I was so entranced by this voice that it brought me to a stop’.

Sure enough, Chen Jiming’s smile deepened after hearing these words. “It’s rare for Qin-ge to drop by, why not give me some guidance?” He uttered these words, but his eyes looked towards Zhong Yibin, who was behind Chu Qin.

Chen Jiming was a newly-recruited rookie in charge of a talk show that was given the 4’o clock slot in the afternoon. Honestly, it was a program of little value that was used to make up for a blank slot. Its audience was not large. However, for a newcomer who just graduated, this sort of treatment was already very good.

Chu Qin saw him glance at Zhong Yibin and said, “Ah, you may not be familiar with this person but he is Shengshi’s director Zhong. He’s here to observe our work today.”

“Director Zhong,” Chen Jiming stretched out his hand to shake Zhong Yibin’s hand.

Zhong Yibin shook his hand for a moment and immediately released it, stating, “We still have business, so we’ll be going first.” He immediately turned around to leave. Chu Qin shot a smile towards Chen Jiming and left as well.

The smile on Chen Jiming’s face quickly disappeared. Staring at the direction Zhong Yibin left in, his eyes narrowed. This Director Zhong was very interesting. When he had just arrived, Mother had very clearly recommended him. He had originally been looking forward to Zhong Yibin’s words when they met, so that he could shock Chu Qin, but this person had actually pretended not to recognize him!

“He is Chairman Chen’s son,” Chu Qin dragged Zhong Yibin towards another recording studio while introducing Chen Jiming. “This was what you told me last month. You said he didn’t want to reveal his identity for the time being and wanted to rely on his own ability to move up,” Hence, Chu Qin had pretended not to know about it and even introduced them.

Zhong Yibin nodded in a natural manner but his heart contained some uncertainty. That person had not seemed like a fuel-efficient lamp[1], how could he be one of those simple people with innocent thoughts like wanting to rely on his own strength.

“Let’s not talk about him, what do you want to eat for dinner? We can eat out,” Chu Qin halted outside the second recording studio and turned to ask him.

Zhong Yibin thought for a while, “Hotpot.”

Chu Qin nodded and took Zhong Yibin to thank Qian Liang, who had just finished recording. “Qian-ge, its been hard on you, are you free tonight? I’ll treat you to hotpot.”

“Treating is fine, but why eat hotpot during summer?” The corner of Qian Liang’s mouth twitched, since when did the person treating decide what they were going to eat first.

“It’s because its summer that we should eat hotpot! Just like eating popsicles during winter, so good!” Chu Qin said with a smile.

Qian Liang had no desire to eat hotpot but seeing Zhong Yibin behind Chu Qin, he swallowed his words of protest. It was rare to eat with Director Zhong, if it had to be hotpot then let it be hotpot.

An hour later, the three people were seated at the famous “Big Fish Hotpot Restaurant”. The restaurant’s air-condition was on full-blast, making the interior of the restaurant somewhat cold despite the ferocious heat outside.

They ordered a nine grid Mandarin Ducks hotpot, with a different soup base for every grid. Chu Qin picked up the menu and ordered Zhong Yibin’s favourite special grade fatty beef, crispy thin tripe as well as the restaurant’s specialty dish Mala fish before passing the menu to Qian Liang.

As an old man getting on in years, Qian Liang wasn’t courteous and ordered his favourite meatballs, beef balls, fish balls, scallop balls…

The waiter was reciting the list of confirmed dishes on his tablet when Zhong Yibin suddenly said, “Add a portion of slippery shrimp[2].”

Chu Qin was stunned and looked incredulously at Zhong Yibin.

“Director Zhong still remembers that Xiao Chu likes to eat slippery shrimp!” Qian Liang laughed as he sipped at the sour plum drink.

“En,” Zhong Yibin made a sound of assent and picked up the jug of iced sour plum drink to fill Chu Qin’s cup. “I remember this.”

Chu Qin drank a mouth of sour plum drink, its sour and sweet taste matched his current emotional state.

Eating hotpot during summer, blasting the air-conditioner with the fire on, drinking beer and singing were truly life’s greatest pleasures. The three people ate till they were dripping with sweat, it was very invigorating.

Since he had to drive, Chu Qin couldn’t drink so he picked up his glass of sour plum drink and knocked it against Qian Liang’s. “Qian-ge, last week I had some difficulties, luckily you helped me out.”

 Qian Liang knocked his glass against his, “Why so courteous, if I ever have difficulties, I’ll need to rely on you to substitute! Its just that the pressure was quite heavy, I might have ruined it for you.”

Chu Qin ran to sit beside Qian Liang and the two people knocked their glasses of sour plum drink against each other’s to let Zhong Yibin take a picture. After using picture beautifying tools, BeautyCam and examining the photo for any strange things that had entered the camera lens, the picture was posted on weibo.

Chu Qin V: Thank you Qian-ge for substituting for me last week, treat you to hotpot @Qian Mi Liang You V[3]

Qian Liang immediately forwarded this post and replied to it.

Qian Mi Liang You V: [roll eyes] You should have treated me to coffin food!

After last week’s program had broadcasted, many people had commented that Qian Liang had a coffin-shaped face. Now that he ridiculed himself, it seemed magnanimous and hilarious. Very quickly, netizens fervently expressed “Oil brother sit with us little friendlies, your face will grow even more like a coffin!”

This comment was quickly liked and became the most popular comment, angering Qian Liang to roll his eyes. Chu Qin laughed unrestrainedly while comforting him, “They are only playing around, there is no resemblance at all.”

Zhong Yibin looked over Chu Qin’s shoulder at his phone, “This topic is quite interesting, why don’t we hype it up?”

Hype up the coffin face? Qian Liang was stunned into a daze by Director Zhong’s marketing strategy and tactics that would make even supernatural beings sob.

“Stop playing around, hahahaha!” Chu Qin thought that Zhong Yibin was joking and laughed even harder. “Hahaha, aiyo, my rib.”

Zhong Yibin quickly held him to prevent him from moving around rashly and hurting his bones. Chu Qin simply leaned on his body and laughed till he was trembling. Qian Liang, whose heart had been wrenched even further, ate five beef balls in a fit of anger.

At night, Teacher Liang already sent the program outline over before they reached home. Chu Qin skimmed through it and couldn’t help praising Teacher Liang’s talent. Not only had he minimized the amount of strenuous exercise during the game section but he had also let him rest as much as possible through interesting roleplay. After reaching home, Chu Qin returned teacher Liang’s call.

“Your train of thought is really amazing, I’ll go over again tomorrow to discuss the details,” Chu Qin held the just-printed program outline and stood on the balcony, facing the advertisement on the billboard opposite the street.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you,” Teacher Liang quickly agreed.

Ending the call, Chu Qin continued staring in a daze at the advertisement. Mu Chen was on the advertisement dressed in western attire. The huge electronic screen covered half the building and was particularly conspicuous in the night city.

“Who’s that man?” Zhong Yibin drifted over and embraced him from the back, his tone slightly unhappy.

“Mu Chen, the film emperor,” Chu Qin’s neck was slanted backwards as he lazily leaned against Zhong Yibin.

The acid bubble that had originally appeared after Chu Qin stared dazedly at that strange man’s picture vanished after this action. Zhong Yibin happily steadied his body and watched the man opposite with Chu Qin. Oh, deep eyes, clear facial features, looks are decent.

“I haven’t seen Mu Chen in a while,” Chu Qin said to himself. “I was thinking, filming with Mu Chen this week… Oh, its 9 o’clock already?”

Speaking halfway, Chu Qin suddenly thought of something else. Lowering his head to glance at his phone, it was already 9.30pm, it would not be good to call someone any later. Sending Zhong Yibin to take a shower, Chu Qin sat down on the swing chair at the balcony and dialed a strange man’s number.

The acid bubble in Zhong Yibin’s heart started to rise again. He squatted by Chu Qin’s feet and refused to leave, insisting on eavesdropping on the call.

Chu Qin couldn’t cry nor laugh, when did someone eavesdrop in bright daylight? Just when he wanted to chase him away, the call went through.

“Hello, who are you?” On the other end of the line, a low and magnetic male voice came through. Zhong Yibin’s eyes widened, he really called that wild man!

“Mr Zhong, I am Chu Qin,” Chu Qin dodged the hand that attempted to snatch the phone.

Zhong Yibin listened to that familiar voice with some suspicion. When he heard the greeting “Mr Zhong”, his eyebrows furrowed and he mouthed to Chu Qin, “Why did you call my brother?”

Chu Qin mouthed back, “Complain!” Then, he pointed to the small stool three steps away, indicating for Zhong Yibin to stay at the side.

Zhong Yibin obediently got up and Chu Qin no longer messed with him, concentrating on his conversation with the Zhong family’s eldest brother. First, they talked about Zhong Yibin’s condition the past few days and then raised the topic of his illness.

Zhong Jiabin requested for some time, seemingly to indicate for the rest of the people in the room to leave. They waited for about 5 minutes before starting the conversation again, “The doctor’s conclusion is that the memory area was slightly damaged. However, tests indicate that it will not affect future memories, just that past memories will not be easily retrieved.”

This resembled a hard disk, the content had been emptied but the system still operates as normal. Hence, future use will not be impacted but the files previously in it would disappear. As for why he still remembered Chu Qin…

“Probably an emergency backup or a backup in another memory area,” The Zhong family’s eldest brother repeated the doctor’s words without any emotion, but Chu Qin’s eyes reddened.

At the end of the phone call, Zhong Jiabin, who was on a business trip, took a look at his itinerary and said, “I’ll be back this Friday, why don’t we meet-up and I’ll pass you his case files so that you can bring him for a check-up next week.”

“That would be great,” Chu Qin was very appreciative of the Zhong family’s eldest brother’s trust and expressed his thanks. They arranged for a time to meet-up before ending the call. Sucking in air through his nose, he turned his head and saw that Zhong Yibin had shifted the small stool to his feet without him noticing. This big person sat on the small apple-shaped wood stool and looked at him without wavering.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Memory Bing’s lying zombies war>


(Rank 3) Mother Zhong: (Fiancée iron bucket on head) I’m coming~

Walnut Er Bing: Ah, they are nibbling at my butt… QAQ

Little Mushroom Qin Qin: Don’t be afraid, I’m here to protect you! biubiu~

Big Brother Sunflower: = = [silently giving sunflower nourishment (sunlight)]

Note: Anon has brought up that the author’s note is based on the game Plants vs Zombies (evidently I don’t play enough games lol) and kindly provided an edit based on the game setting. In the interests of ensuring that the translation is true to the raws, the recommended terms that are not in the raws but might help in understanding the author’s note are in brackets and italicized. Anon’s complete edit is in the comments if you would prefer to read that 🙂

[1] 省油的灯: term that refers to someone who will never compromise self interest and whom will not be easy to deal with

[2] 虾滑: Shrimp beaten into a paste-like form, commonly mixed with meat and fish (I translated it literally because I’m not familiar with it and wasn’t sure if there was a proper English name. If someone knows do tell me in the comments 😊)

[3] 钱米粮油:Can be translated to money rice grain oil. Yes, Qian Liang literally means money grain haha.. The V behind their weibo names should be the verification symbol.

Translator’s corner: I forgot to mention it last chapter but I changed the mode of address for Zhong Yibin from Manager to Director because it seemed more appropriate for his status.

Also, updates will be twice weekly now, on Tuesday and Friday. I’ll try my best to keep to this, but the next month or so will be a busy period so I might miss an update occasionally.

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    Rank 3 Mother Zhong: (Fiancée iron bucket on head) I’m coming~

    Walnut Er Bing: Ah, they are nibbling at my butt… QAQ

    Little Mushroom Qin Qin: Don’t be afraid, I’m here to protect you! biubiu~

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