I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Rumors

“I won’t be able to appear at the company for the time being, report to me immediately if there are any problems,” Zhong Yibin ordered Secretary Jin after hearing about the company’s current situation and the upcoming big project.

Feeling like he was shouldering great responsibility, Secretary Jin nodded solemnly.

Zhong Yibin looked down at his phone and stood up to see Secretary Jin out. When he reached the entrance, he suddenly recalled, “do you still remember the password for my work email?”

“You forgot?” Secretary Jin stared blankly for a moment. His family’s boss must have automatically saved his password on his phone and laptop, so he couldn’t remember it after changing to the computer at Chu Qin’s house. “I’ll send a message to your phone later.”

Zhong Yibin nodded and indicated that he could leave.

After Secretary Jin left, the grave expression on Zhong Yibin’s face immediately vanished. Beaming as he returned to the bedroom, he said, “luckily you reminded me.”

Chu Qin had sent Zhong Yibin a text message just now to get the email password from Secretary Jin. Usually, the boss’s password for his work email would be made known to the secretary as well, so that it would be convenient for the secretary to help handle the less important emails. Chu Qin had personally seen Zhong Yibin asking Secretary Jin to reply to emails before, so he knew that asking Secretary Jin was the right move.

With access to the work email, Zhong Yibin would be able to obtain a rough understanding of his responsibilities at work and not expose himself after returning to the company.

After a while, Secretary Jin sent the password. Zhong Yibin was not anxious to look at it, instead he went to Chu Qin to demand for the incomplete kiss.

“Don’t make trouble,” Chu Qin couldn’t help chuckling as the large head came over while pouting. Spreading his fingers, Chu Qin pressed his hand against that good looking face, “Mr[1] Director, quickly go do your work.”

“I have amnesia, don’t wanna work,” Zhong Yibin let the force pressing down on his face push him onto the bed, acting dumb.

Chu Qin poked his itchy flesh[2], “since you have amnesia, let this uncle examine you ok?”

Zhong Yibin looked up at him, his clear and limpid eyes brimming with innocence and confusion. Chu Qin sighed. He had played around with him out of habit but forgot that this guy may not understand it now…

Chu Qin hadn’t finished guilt-tripping himself when Zhong Yibin plopped his head onto Chu Qin’s leg, and used a pitiful, lolita[3] voice to reply, “then uncle, you have to be gentle!”

 “Pu hahahaha…” Chu Qin guffawed.

The two of them made a ruckus, the distance between them from the loss of memories simultaneously disappearing. After drinking some milk for dinner, it was time to sleep.

Chu Qin’s house could not be considered small in area. However, this sort of building was constructed for single people. It had a lot of space but small rooms. Chu Qin had never thought of letting Zhong Yibin sleep on the sofa but facing his lover who could not remember anything and whom was gazing at him innocently, Chu Qin could not help but feel embarrassed as if he was taking advantage of him.

This strange feeling continued to linger. Chu Qin could only direct Zhong Yibin to fetch a thin quilt.

The lights were turned off and the room was quiet. Only a gentle breeze could be heard from the air-conditioner. Zhong Yibin lay beside Chu Qin and stared at him with shining eyes. During the few days when he was at the Zhong family, he couldn’t sleep well because his surroundings were too unfamiliar, making him very anxious. But today Chu Qin was beside him. A warmth seemed to blossom in his heart and he couldn’t seem to get enough of looking at Chu Qin.

Unable to resist, Zhong Yibin slithered ahead and sneakily placed his head on Chu Qin’s pillow.

Feeling hot breath against his face, Chu Qin opened his eyes and saw the director already occupying a corner of his pillow, “what?”

“Last time, did we also share a blanket?” Zhong Yibin looked at him innocently.

Last time…Chu Qin’s face was flaming red. Last time, being on the same bed meant that something would definitely happen, how could they sleep using two blankets. Saying the truth was a bit shameful, so Chu Qin wanted to twist the story. However, facing that pair of focused eyes, he relented and honestly said, “Isn’t that because…”

Zhong Yibin flung his blanket off without a word.

Chu Qin sighed. He lifted up his blanket and let Zhong Yibin in, “turn the air-condition on and put your arms under the covers, otherwise your joints will hurt tomorrow.”

“Does your rib still hurt?” Zhong Yibin obediently let Chu Qin tuck him into the blanket, careful not to touch his chest.

“Not painful, it’ll be fine after resting for a while,” Chu Qin yawned. He had been sleeping at the hospital the past few days and hadn’t slept well. Now that there was a familiar warmth beside him, he quickly felt tired.

Seeing that Ch Qin was sleepy, Zhong Yibin stopped talking. He rested his head on Chu Qin’s shoulder, grabbed his hand and buried his face into the pillow. The pillow had a faint smell of lime, the same scent as the shampoo that Chu Qin usually used. With a warm body and familiar scent around them, the two people who hadn’t slept well slept soundly, almost like nesting chicks.

The second day, Zhong Yibin started learning to cook breakfast. Chu Qin stood at the kitchen door and guided him to fry two eggs and sausages, and warm a jug of milk. After three broken eggs and one fried egg, he successfully made breakfast.

The morning sun shone through the windows onto the dining table. The soft blue-colored plaid tablecloth and clear lemonade in the glass jug made for a quietly beautiful scene. Chu Qin picked up a fried egg. The pair of eyes opposite him was waiting for praise, giving him immense pressure. He shoved a piece inside his mouth…

“Not bad, the heat was controlled well. Its just that this salt is a bit too salty, frying eggs with it won’t make the taste nice. We’ll go to the market another day to get snow salt and it should be fine,” Chu Qin commented with a straight face.

Zhong Yibin tasted it, so salty! He quickly drank a mouthful of water. Just as he was about to say something, Chu Qin’s mobile phone rang.

Chu Qin signaled for him to continue eating before picking up the call. It was the program director.

“Today?” Chu Qin glanced at Zhong Yibin and hesitated, “I may still need to rest this week.”

“Just to fill in for a few scenes, otherwise we won’t be able to broadcast this cycle,” the director looked at the video recording and sighed.

Last week, they had found Qian Liang to fill in for that cycle. Originally, it should have been broadcast the week after next, but the show had content that involved publicity for a movie, and that movie was about to start screening this week. The movie crew had approached Shengshi’s higher ups to request that the show be broadcast this week instead. This meant that the timing for the two cycles which Chu Qin had filmed did not add up.

Since the program had a few sentences related to time, such as “its about to be Army Day” and “today is XX senior’s birthday”, they would have to refilm certain shots.

The program “Friendly Confusion” was Chu Qin’s personal handiwork. It was reaching its eighth anniversary and he, more than anyone else, treasured this program. Changing the shots was necessary, otherwise these two cycles could not be broadcasted. Hence, Chu Qin agreed and set the appointment at 2pm.

Shengshi TV’s crew heaved a sigh of relief. There were particularly interesting scenes around the affected lines so they were very reluctant to cut them. They had been depressed because Chu Qin could not film that week. The program’s general planner Teacher Liang smoothed his hair and sighed, walking towards the studio next door.

Qian Liang was watching television next door, his own talk show would be recorded this afternoon. Seeing that Teacher Liang had come over, he stood up and greeted him. Teacher Liang was an old man with thin hair. Though he appeared to be old-fashioned, his creativity did not lose out one bit to the youngsters. He was in a position of power in the broadcasting station.

“Xiao[4] Qian, on Confusion’s side, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you again this week,” Teacher Liang was a little embarrassed.

Qian Liang showed a pained face. Pulling out his mobile phone, he opened weibo[5] and passed it to Teacher Liang, “look, I’m being cursed so badly on the internet.”

The official publicity platform of Friendly Confusion was weibo. Yesterday, Teacher Liang had skimmed through it, so naturally he knew what the netizens were talking about. It was a bit excessive to say that he was being cursed at, it was just that Qian Liang was being taunted in a variety of ways.

Since Qian Liang had debuted on the national broadcasting station, he always seemed very proper. Although his talk show was also entertaining, it leaned more towards the literary side and the jokes were cold compared to Chu Qin’s playful program. The audience couldn’t accept it and kept comparing him to Chu Qin, saying Qian Liang had dead fish eyes and a coffin face. Like this, the audience tried all sorts of tricks to get Chu Qin to return.

“But this cycle we invited Mu Chen. You should also know his schedule, him giving us a day is already not bad, he can’t possibly wait till Chu Qin returns,” Teacher Liang was also put on the spot. Although they could still squeeze through the next two cycles, they couldn’t let the film emperor continue to wait.

“What exactly happened to Chu Qin?” Some of the recording staff at the side huddled together to discuss softly.

“He got into a minor accident and was injured, so he was hospitalized,” an assistant to the crew for Friendly Confusion sighed.

“Hey, I heard that its because Chu Qin has something going on with Director Zhong, so he was taught a lesson,” somebody chimed in. “Is it true?”

The makeup artist next door had left the door open. The host of a new program, Chen Jiming, heard these words clearly.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <Must be serious when denying rumors >

Reporter A: I heard you two have an ambiguous relationship

Er Bing: Nonsense, all rumors

Reporter B: So what’s the real situation?

Er Bing: Very clear relationship between husbands

Reporters: …

[1] Chu Qin is using 大人here which is a respectful way to address someone

[2] Refers to the areas which feel itchy after being tickled e.g. palms, armpits

[3] Refers to a young, cute girl

[4] Translated directly to ‘small’ and is usually used to show familiarity among friends, juniors etc

[5] The Chinese equivalent of twitter

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