I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Trust

Zhong Yibin charged into the kitchen and cradled Chu Qin. Seeing his hand pressed against his chest, Zhong Yibin dared not touch the area and let Chu Qin rest against him. “What happened to you?” Zhong Yibin could not help feeling anxious after seeing Chu Qin’s pale face.

“My chest hurts, its nothing…” Chu Qin said sluggishly, forcing a smile at him.

Frowning, Zhong Yibin scooped him up. Since he had just toured the house, he knew where the bedroom was. Setting him down on the bed, Zhong Yibin directly took his clothes off without asking him.

The soft white t-shirt that Chu Qin was wearing came off easily, revealing an expanse of purple skin and the bandage that had already come off.

As Chu Qin had left the hospital early, he could not lie in bed and recuperate. Therefore, the doctor had wound a bandage around his chest in order to secure the injury. However, it was easy for the bandage to unwind at the chest area, not to mention the fact that Chu Qin had been excessively busy for such a long time.

“How did this happen!” Zhong Yibin’s voice turned glacial as he asked him in a grave manner.

“I had a small injury in the past. The bone fractured but its quickly recovering. Why don’t you help me get some painkillers…” Chu Qin had no choice but to be honest. Speaking of painkillers, he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to take the medicine prescribed by the hospital from the car Hou Chuan was driving.

 “I’ll go buy the medicine,” Zhong Yibin stood up.

“Hey…oh…” Chu Qin anxiously reached a hand to stop him, pulling at the wound on his chest in the process. Cold sweat broke out at the pain. “The medical insurance card… its in the drawer at the entrance. The password is six ones. “

Zhong Yibin couldn’t laugh or cry, he had thought it was some important thing. “It’ll be the same even if I use money.”

“Since you have the medical insurance card, why wouldn’t you use it!” Chu Qin explained the card’s uses and described the directions to the medical shop. “After coming out from the main gate, turn left, no need to cross the road… Hey, bring your phone along, call me if you can’t find the place.”

Zhong Yibin ignored him and left after retrieving the medical insurance card. It was unknown if he had heard that last sentence.

Hearing the bang of the door, Chu Qin then realised that he hadn’t given him his medical record and prescription. Painkillers were prescription drugs, he wasn’t sure if the boss there would sell it to him.

After exiting the residence, Zhong Yibin really did not know how to reach the medical shop and had to ask the security guard to find out. The medical shop appeared quite legitimate, the glass windows had the words “medical insurance is available in cities and provinces” in regular laser font pasted on it. The boss, a bald uncle[1], was sitting behind the counter staring earnestly at a small television with a look of extreme worry on his face, as if it concerned the well-being of the country and its citizens. The noises from the television could only be heard after moving closer.

“For comic dialogue, one must pay attention to saying, learning, teasing and singing[2]…”

“Boss,” Zhong Yibin rapped the counter.

“What!” The uncle who was currently worrying for the country and its citizens raised his head and saw a very familiar silly face. A knowing look appeared on his face as he laughed, “brat, you’re here again!”

Zhong Yibin silently nodded. This boss seemed to recognize him, did Chu Qin often fall sick in the past?

The bald uncle did not notice anything different about Zhong Yibin. He laughed mischievously, “lazy to go to the supermarket on such a good day? Hehe, I left some for you! I specially ordered more, it really sells quite well.”

Then, he took out two soft bottles and passed it to him. The words “liquid lubrication for the body” were written on them.

“…” The corner of Zhong Yibin’s mouth twitched. He said calmly, “I won’t be buying this today, I want painkillers instead.”

The uncle dug out two painkiller tablets, slightly disappointed that he had failed to sell his new product.

“I want a box,” Zhong Yibin peered at the small tablets in the paper bag with dissatisfaction.

“Those are prescription drugs, I can only give you so much at one go,” the man put one hand on his hip as he said with gusto. If he weren’t familiar with this brat, he wouldn’t even give him one tablet without a prescription.

The neighborhood’s auntie who came in to purchase medicine for a cold heard the uncle’s voice and curiously looked towards the counter, noticing the two bottles of lubricating liquid in a prominent spot. She couldn’t help but widen her eyes and click her tongue while shaking her head. Was family planning in the country that urgent? Even lubricants needed to be prescribed!

Zhong Yibin had no time to banter with the baldie. He hurriedly took the tablets and strode off.

After tossing from side to side for half a day, Chu Qin finally managed to consume the painkillers. Since the pain had abated, Chu Qin wanted to get up to cook. However, Zhong Yibin barred him from moving. A quick search on his mobile phone had revealed that those with bone fractures needed to recuperate in bed. “Who was my secretary? Call him and ask him to come over and cook.”

Thinking about Secretary Jin who was still in the suburbs, Chu Qin shook his head, “Secretary Jin is too far away from here, why don’t you order takeout.”

So his secretary is surnamed Jin? Zhong Yibin searched through his phone, found a contact called “Secretary Jin” and proceeded to give him a call, “I’m at Chu Qin’s house, order two easily digestible meals to be delivered.”

“Alright,” it had been a week since Secretary Jin had received the director’s call. He had been alarmed because the Zhong family did not inform him of the situation and all company affairs had been handed over to the deputy director. He was the boss’s trusted aide, yet he had not received any news, this was clearly the beginnings of losing favor!

Suddenly receiving his boss’s call now, don’t talk about ordering takeout, even asking him to leave for Chu Qin’s house to cook was fine!

Chu Qin had no words to say. This guy, losing his memories had not caused him to forget how to order someone about.

“How did you get the injury?” Zhong Yibin sat on the bed and watched him, one hand stroking the patch of shaved hair on his own head. “Is it related to the incident where I was hit on the head?”

Chu Qin gazed at the well-behaved Zhong Yibin perched at the side of the bed. This posture seemed a bit distant, he felt a little sad in his heart. He lowered his head to watch his hand on the blanket, “I was kidnapped last week, you were hit on the head when you went to rescue me.”

Zhong Yibin frowned. Mother Zhong had told him that he had gotten the injury after getting into a fight. As for why he had gotten into a fight, she had neglected to say. It was evident that Chu Qin was speaking the truth. Even his mother had lied to him. No one was worthy of trust in this world except for Chu Qin. This only hardened his determination not to reveal that he had amnesia.

Raising his head, he saw Chu Qin’s head still lowered, two slender forefingers twisted together, seemingly in a daze. Chu Qin’s hair was tousled and a few strands of hair waved about, making him look shaggy.

Everything in his memories was a grayish blur, only Chu Qin was vivid and colorful. Zhong Yibin only needed to look at him to feel at peace. He couldn’t help shifting closer to him, using a part of his scalp to rub against those strands of hair, “Chu Qin, you’re so good, only you will not lie to me.”

Chu Qin raised his head to look at him and was greeted with a pair of sparkling eyes. These eyes lacked the reserved and calm look of the past but seeing his radiance now, Chu Qin felt that he was more focused than before, with a joy that was impossible to suppress. The slump that he was in just now disappeared and Chu Qin couldn’t help pursing his lips while laughing, moving over to kiss him.

Zhong Yibin saw him shifting over and his eyes brightened.

“Ding dong—” the doorbell rang, breaking up this short kiss. Zhong Yibin was very unhappy so he continued to move towards Chu Qin, waiting for his kiss.

“Go open the door.” It should be the takeout. Chu Qin felt slightly awkward, pushing away Zhong Yibin to stand up and passing him the wallet.

Outside the door, the takeout that Secretary Jin had ordered arrived, along with the man who had ordered the takeout.

Zhong Yibin had some misgivings about there being two people delivering takeout. He took the bag of takeout from the delivery man and glanced at the impeccably attired Secretary Jin, passing him a hundred yuan[3].

Secretary Jin blankly took the money and watched with wide eyes as his family’s boss shut the door again.

“Director!” Secretary Jin quickly forced his way past the door. His family’s boss really had incredible foresight. From his expression, he could tell that Zhong Yibin knew he was outside and had prepared the money to give to him directly. Yet, it was obvious that Zhong Yibin had no desire to see him. Was giving him a hundred yuan his way of telling him to scram?

Chu Qin heard Secretary Jin’s voice and got off the bed, “what’s going on?”

“Mr Chu,” Secretary Jin quickly greeted him.

Zhong Yibin placed the food on the table and went over to hug him, “go back and rest on the bed.” While he was walking, he softly enquired about the person calling him director. Even after hearing that it was Secretary Jin, he made no move to turn back, instead helping Chu Qin back onto the bed.

“Sit down, give me a minute,” Zhong Yibin went back out to get the food. He walked past Secretary Jin with a raised chin and turned back in to accompany Chu Qin to eat.

After finishing his meal, Chu Qin was worried about letting Zhong Yibin meet Secretary Jin face to face. However, that person insisted that he not move recklessly. Hence, he leaned against the headboard and pricked up his ears to catch the sounds outside.

“These few days, Mother did not allow me to handle company matters. Have there been any movements? Zhong Yibin asked in a low voice.

“For now, all matters related to the company are handled by Deputy Director Li,” Secretary Jin was shocked in his heart. Madam Zhong used the guise of recovery to prevent Zhong Yibin from handling company affairs, there was definitely an inside story. He put on a grave expression and said, “the three kidnappers are still being interrogated. Tomorrow is Monday, it should be done by then.”

Zhong Yibin’s eyes were lowered and he was silent for a while. He suddenly asked, “what kind of person do you think Deputy Director Li is like?” He did not know anything about the company and its internal affairs were too complicated. He would need to familiarize himself with it before taking over again. If this Deputy Director Li was competent, letting him continue managing the company for a while should be fine.

A film of sweat appeared on Secretary Jin’s forehead after hearing this question. Director actually asked him such a question, it was obviously giving him a chance to complain. As his boss’s secretary, he could not be on good terms with anyone other than his boss. When asked to vomit black mud[4], he must not show any weakness. As a result, Secretary Jin unreservedly told Zhong Yibin about Deputy Director Li’s bad points, even pointing out several problems that had cropped up under his management.

“This man is very ambitious. Letting him manage the company for a few days is still alright but problems will definitely occur if the duration were too long,” Secretary Jin said righteously.

Zhong Yibin slowly nodded his head.

In the room, Chu Qin was listening with his mouth wide open. These two people, their words were incongruous with each other, yet their interaction was so harmonious. Secretary Jin had no idea that this boss who appeared to be planning strategies, actually did not know a single thing…

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <The three essentials of being a boss>

Chu Qin: You even lost your memories, how are you going to be a director

Er Bing: There are only three essentials to be a director

Secretary Jin: Boss, I have business to report

Er Bing: En

Secretary Jin: Deputy Director Li, he balabala

Er Bing: En?

Secretary Jin: See, are we doing this like this?

Er Bing: En~

Secretary Jin: Boss really has incredible foresight

Chu Qin: …..

[1] In Chinese communities, men are called uncle and women auntie – even if they aren’t related

[2] 说学逗唱: 说 refers to being able to say tongue twisters and the like, 学 means learning dialects and all that is relevant to being comical, 逗 means being able to carry out all types of comedy (e.g. comic monologue) and 唱 quite literally means being able to sing

[3] Raws said dollars but yuan seemed more appropriate

[4] To badmouth someone

Note: So I realized while translating this chapter that it was Zhong Yibin who had a bald patch on his head, not Chu Qin. My wording in chapter 4 may have been slightly misleading because I used ‘he’ instead of Zhong Yibin. So sorry about that! In my defense, the author uses ‘he’ very often so it can get confusing… I’ve been trying to put in the names where it may not be obvious but if anyone spots anything weird please voice out thank you! 😊

I’ve edited chapter 4 already to make it clear so just giving you guys a heads up in case anyone gets confused after reading this chapter.

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11 thoughts on “I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 5

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Powerful people are powerful people. It takes a lot to strip that power from them. For a few days at least, the ML can fake it. Actually, since he doesn’t know people, it will give him a new perspective. Things he might not have noticed due to habit. His suspicion levels are at maximum right now, after his mother’s ugly lies. I find his utter trust in his lover under these circumstances even more gut punch powerful.
    The brat needs industrial quantities of lube. Poor, poor boyfriend. 😂🤣😂 Also, how the auntie assumed it needed a prescription… 😂🤣😂
    Oh, that bald spot is important! CQ works in the media, in front of cameras, so the lack of hair would be a huge problem. Fractured ribs you can hide by staying still, a bald spot requires shaving everything else or wearing some sort of cosmetic patch, maybe a wig. It complicates things.

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  2. It’s strange to hear a character say something like, “Chu Qin, you’re so good, only you will not lie to me.” in a situation where the other character hasn’t already lied about something pretty major.


    1. Well, I think kidnapping is pretty major. If Chu Qin choose to lie, it is pretty excuseable too. Like, to lessen this amnesiac boyfriend’s problem and worry (we saw this plot alot). So Chu Qin unhesistatingly choose to tell the truth definitely proved that their relationship is very trusting. That he didn’t even think the possibility of overly worrying his boyfriend. It is only neutral for him to tell what is inquired.


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