I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Abduction

Hou Chuan had been elated when they successfully escaped, but after they had traveled a short distance he asked hesitantly, “Qin-ge, are we just going to take Director Zhong away like this?” Mrs Zhong had obviously been very angry. Shengshi was still owned by the Zhong family, Chu Qin entangling himself in their family affairs would definitely result in him facing hardships.

“Who is he?” Zhong Yibin raised his chin and asked Chu Qin as he pointed to the small monkey[1] assistant driving the car.

Hou Chuan rolled his eyes. They had just met last week, yet he so easily forgot him. Prestigious people really did have short-term memory. “Director Zhong, I am Hou Chuan. I was assigned to be Chu Qin’s assistant last week.”

Zhong Yibin took out his phone and scrolled through his contacts list. When he found Hou Chuan’s contact, the remark was “unsightly new assistant”. Since he had confirmed that he had this person’s contact information, Zhong Yibin did not ask more, merely stating that this small assistant should work hard.

The corner of Hou Chuan’s mouth twitched. He actually used the exact same words of courtesy as last week. This big boss really did not put any heart into playing him.

Ever since Zhong Yibin had woken up with amnesia, the people around him could recognize him but he could not recognize any of them. This feeling was really uncomfortable. Mother Zhong had had to show him the family’s photo album and his pictures when he was young to make him believe that he was a member of the Zhong family. But this was the furthest he would go. He could not believe others’ words easily.

This was because, during the six days he was awake, nobody mentioned Chu Qin in front of him. He only remembered Chu Qin who was never brought up by those people. Mother Zhong also refused to let him contact the outside world and wouldn’t give him back his mobile phone, claiming that the company would be thrown into chaos if others knew about his memory loss.

All these things done by the Zhong family only made him more suspicious. Zhong Yibin had put on an act in front of them till Mother Zhong found some woman to pretend to be his fiancée, putting an end to his patience.

“Why do you keep staring at me?” Chu Qin’s head was lowered as he replied to messages on WeChat[2]. A few friends had gone to the hospital in vain to visit him, so they had enquired after him. Raising his head, he was greeted by a pair of bright eyes. It seemed like this guy had been staring at him in this manner ever since they had boarded the car.

“Qin Qin…” Zhong Yibin tried calling out. He only called Chu Qin like this when they were alone.

“En[3]?” Chu Qin automatically responded, before he realized what this guy had called him. Glancing at the little monkey at the front of the car, his face slowly turned red. He gave Zhong Yibin a look, “there are other people around, don’t call me that.”

Seeing that he had responded, Zhong Yibin laughed jubilantly.

In front, Hou Chuan was a trembling mess, almost driving the car onto the pavement. Even if he counted the days spent in the hospital, the total number of days he had spent with Chu Qin did not even amount to half a month. Moreover, this was his first time driving a car with two passengers. Given his position as Chu Qin’s personal assistant, he was very clear on the type of relationship Chu Qin had with Zhong Yibin.

He had always assumed that even if there were feelings between the two of them, the basis for it was power and wealth. He did not think that they would be like this in private, even wanting to be intimate in front of the assistant!

The shocked assistant silently pondered over whether he should prepare a set of ear plugs the next time he had to drive the both of them, or if he had no choice but to listen to them.

“How could you let them leave?” Mother Zhong was very displeased with her eldest son’s way of handling the issue. Her son had amnesia and only remembered that slut Chu Qin. Now that Zhong Yibin was taken away by Chu Qin, who knew if he would start treating whatever Chu Qin said as an imperial decree. If Chu Qin ordered him not to acknowledge his mother, he may really do as asked.

“Mother, he only lost his memories, not turned dumb. You lying to him will only worsen his condition,” Zhong Jiabin ignored his mother’s unreasonable words. He glanced at the mother-daughter pair and left for the house.

The Su mother-daughter pair wanted to die from embarrassment. Having been seen in this manner by the Zhong family’s heir, although there had not been great waves in that enigmatic radiance, a simple glance was enough to make them feel as if their inner thoughts had been seen through. As if she had been slapped several times, Mother Su stood up with her daughter. Her heart was burning with hatred for Mother Zhong but because she dared not voice it out, she could only stiffly bid goodbye.

Mother Zhong also felt that she had lost face and quickly sent them off with a few courteous words.

The car belonged to the company, so after Hou Chuan delivered them to the resident’s gate, he drove back to the company.

The residential area was not large, it only had three floors. The green area in the middle was very spacious, a canal had been dug out and a small wooden bridge had been erected. Since it was working hours, there were less people around. There were elderly people bringing children to play at the stone beach beside the canal but not a single young person could be seen.

As they walked through the residential area, Chu Qin automatically kept a distance of half a step between them. He was a public figure and Zhong Yibin was also someone who frequently appeared on magazines. When they were outside, they always showed self-restraint.

To Zhong Yibin, everything in his surroundings was unfamiliar. Only Chu Qin was familiar. When Chu Qin strayed from him, unease would fill his heart. Speeding up, he sneakily stretched his hand out and accurately grasped a slender hand.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Qin turned to him.

Zhong Yibin did not reply, he continued to hold onto Chu Qin’s hand. His other hand was sandwiched in his pocket, his gaze was looking ahead very naturally, as if nothing had happened.

This small residence could not compare to the Zhong family’s villa but it was still a high class one. Its security measures were top notch. Chu Qin was amused yet pained by his actions, so he did not stop him. Just like this, he held onto Zhong Yibin’s hand. As they were walking, his heart inexplicably throbbed.

It had been a long, long time since they had held hands and walked under the sun like this. He felt slightly jittery but it had a tinge of excitement to it, making him unable to resist giving a faint smile. They had been in a relationship for a long time already, he never thought that a simple thing like holding hands and walking under the sun could let him feel this happy. Zhong Yibin was also very happy, even childishly shaking his arms.

“Doudou, lets hold hands too!” Two children were running around playfully. Seeing the two older brothers happily holding hands made him suggest this to his friend.

 “Okay!” Therefore, the two friends held hands and walked ahead one by one. They even circled around Chu Qin and Zhong Yibin, shaking their arms.

Zhong Yibin was befuddled. These two rascals, were they mocking him?

“Pu…” Chu Qin couldn’t help laughing, dragging Zhong Yibin to quickly enter the lobby.

The house was not big, its design resembling a LOFT[4]. The living room ceiling was very high, about four meters and the decorations were very delicate. The overall style was simple but the details made the house warm, such as the fluffy cushion on the sofa and the rounded wood coffee table. It resembled Chu Qin – the outside appeared to be refined and rigid but the inside was full of warmth.

Zhong Yibin looked around curiously. After changing his slippers, he also did not randomly walk around. Chu Qin looked at Zhong Yibin obediently sipping tea on the sofa and felt that it was very interesting.

Time seemed to have rewound to when they just met each other. That time, Chu Qin was still attending high school. It was convenient for him to pick up something on the way, so he invited Zhong Yibin in to his dormitory. That time, this young master had also been like this, sitting very politely and not touching anything, only looking around in curiosity.

“Did you really forget everything?” Chu Qin rubbed Zhong Yibin’s head. There was an ugly patch of shaved hair on the side of his head because of the wound.

“I still remember you,” Zhong Yibin picked up the photo frame at the corner of the sofa. It was a picture of the two of them at the beach. They were wearing flower-patterned trousers and laughing especially stupidly.

Chu Qin watched him, his nose feeling slightly sore. Actually, he could tell that even though Zhong Yibin remembered him, he only remembered the person and not their interactions. That’s why he was slightly cautious and not nesting into the sofa without concern for his posture, like how he would usually do.

But that was not important. He forgot the entire world except for him. This was enough, they could start afresh.

Chu Qin took a deep breath and hauled him up, proceeding to meticulously explain the things in the house that he should not touch.

“This is a socket. Don’t touch it with wet hands, you’ll get shocked.”

“This is the kitchen. It’s a very dangerous place, don’t enter.”

“This is a water dispenser. Hot water can only be dispensed when the green light is lit up.”

“This is the bathroom…”

Treating him as an ignorant child that had no general knowledge, Chu Qin pointed out every dangerous item in the house so that he would not unwittingly injure himself. Zhong Yibin patiently listened to him without a trace of irritation.

Chu Qin painstakingly explained everything. By the time he was done, it was already 2pm in the afternoon. Slapping his head, he realized that they had not eaten and went into the kitchen.

After Chu Qin left, Zhong Yibin picked up the remote control and turned the TV on. He skillfully switched channels to Shengshi TV. He may have amnesia but he was not stupid. He still had common sense. The Zhong family had never considered that he may have lost all his general knowledge, only blindly getting him to absorb information and finding strange women to trick him. Only Chu Qin would treat him like a child and teach him how to eat and drink.

Zhong Yibin was unexpectedly not angry with being treated like an idiot. Instead, an awkward worrywart like Chu Qin made him feel safe.

The television was showing a replay of last night’s program, it happened to be Chu Qin’s variety show – Friendly Confusion.

The show was originally a food show but it later became a variety show and was now the highest rated variety show on Shengshi TV.

This week, Chu Qin was absent so a star performer from another program, Qian Liang, was invited. Qian Liang was a veteran host that spoke with cold humor. The talk show he usually hosted was also very well received. However, the stage was originally Chu Qin’s so his presence was still slightly awkward.

“We welcome all to Friendly Confusion this weekend night. I am Chu Qin’s… rescue soldier Qian Liang!” Qian Liang’s lips moved very quickly. The sudden turn caused the audience to explode into laughter.

“Hello everyone, I am Chu Qin’s…partner Lin Xiaoxiao, hehehe!” Lin Xiaoxiao had fast reactions, quickly using similar phrasing for her sentence. At the same time, she unleashed her signature magical laughter, causing the atmosphere to liven up.

Zhong Yibin curled his lip. The awkwardness was overflowing from the screen. He turned to see what Chu Qin was doing. The glass door was transparent, revealing the scene in the kitchen.

Chu Qin took out a wok and was getting ready to put it on the stove when he suddenly felt a swell of pain at his ribs. His hands slipped and the wok fell squarely onto the floor. The pain was so intense that he had to support his body using the kitchen stove.

“Chu Qin!” Zhong Yibin flung the remote control away and rushed to the kitchen.

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Qin Qin: I’m injured, can’t make food for you.

Er Bing: Its okay, I have food

Qin Qin: Huh?

Er Bing: Qin Qin, my dessert~

Qin Qin: Oh……

[1] The ‘Hou’ in Hou Chuan’s name is monkey in Chinese

[2] Mobile text and voice messaging service in China

[3] Interjection indicating approval, appreciation or agreement

[4] It was written in English and capitalized as well in the raws

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Forgot you were injured, baka?!
    From what I remember, general knowledge such as how to hold a fork, or even who is the leader of your country (but I’m not sure about that part), don’t seem to be stored in the same place as personal memories, aka your life. Unless there is brain damage & you have to rewire your brain (either heal that area or find side pathways around it), an amnesiac won’t have to relearn everything like a baby. Part of it is muscle memory, or something like that, the rest… I don’t know enough about the subject. Still it is fascinating. Is it possible to find someone like the ML in real life? It would really be interesting to know. Any neuro-docs hanging around? I’ll probably research this one day, like every other curiosity I come across. Knowledge is a never-ending road!

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    1. My one teacher have lost memory due to a car accident and he don’t even know what is curd in the start and the other teacher told him everything. I don’t know the whole process but later he become as before remembering everything as i guess.


  2. My one teacher have lost memory due to a car accident and he don’t even know what is curd in the start and the other teacher told him everything. I don’t know the whole process but later he become as before remembering everything as i guess.


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