I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Dispute

“…” Chu Qin had to choke back the tears that had welled up in his eyes. He blinked. What was this situation?

Su Ruiying’s family had a good relationship with the Zhong family. She had liked Zhong Yibin since the age of nineteen but he had never once looked at her. When Mother Zhong requested for her to pose as his fiancée after explaining that he had amnesia, she agreed without any hesitation. As long as Zhong Yibin believed there was true love between them, she would be able to marry into the Zhong family! The plot was perfect but she would never have thought that…

“Don’t you have amnesia?” Su Ruiying couldn’t help letting out a shout. If Zhong Yibin had not lost his memory, then wouldn’t her actions make her seem like a clown?

“F*cking idiot[1]!” Zhong Yibin’s cold gaze landed on his stunned mother. When he woke up, this woman had cried till her eyes were red and claimed to be his mother, saying that he should not worry. In the end, things still turned out this way. Zhong Yibin’s anger was unparalleled, a sense of having been cheated sweeping over him. “This father[2] still remembers Chu Qin!”

He had forgotten everything except for Chu Qin. He could still be considered lucky to have remembered him.

The Zhong family’s second young master was famous in the circle of young master’s for being a demon king. Once his temper flared up, he would not give the person face regardless of who they were.

The onslaught of curses caused Su Ruiying’s face to turn a mixture of red and white. Mother Zhong was also struck dumb. This person did not remember anything good. He could not even remember his mother, yet could still remember Chu Qin!

“Yibin, calm down and listen to me…” Mother Zhong stood up and tried to pull her son over.

Zhong Yibin dodged his mother’s clutches and retreated a few steps. He could not continue staying here, these people only spoke lies. He needed to quickly find Chu Qin. With a hand in his pocket, he examined his surroundings, swiftly considering how to leave. Suddenly, he noticed a thin figure outside the black iron fence.

“Chu Qin!” Zhong Yibin’s eyes lit up and he raced towards him.

Chu Qin saw Zhong Yibin running over with his mouth wide open and eyes sparkling. His soft brown hair had not been styled but seemed to float along his footsteps under the sunlight. For a moment, it was as if Chu Qin was witnessing a large dog with shining, soft ears pouncing towards him.

Seeing this act, Chu Qin could not resist laughing. Disregarding the issue of propriety, he directly pushed open the Zhong family’s unlocked main gate, welcoming his big doggy.

“Block him!” Mother Zhong was outraged and screamed at the guards near the main gate. Her son had amnesia, he could not be allowed to go out, much less allowed to leave with that male vixen!

The guards who stretched out their arms to block Zhong Yibin were given a punch to the face, “get lost!”

Chu Qin did not expect Mother Zhong to allow the guards to lay hands on him. He was immediately enraged. The guy had just woken up and might still be suffering from a concussion. Rushing forward, he pushed another guard who attempted to block Zhong Yibin and shoved him behind his body.

Zhong Yibin was ecstatic. He clung to Chu Qin without letting go, “where were you these few days? I don’t know these people…”

The big guy pasted to his back was actually shaking. Chu Qin’s heart was pained. Seeing such a weak Zhong Yibin for the first time, he felt that he had to do something as his boyfriend. Hauling the big plaster stuck to his back, he went to find Mother Zhong to demand an explanation.

Mother Zhong was wearing a tight-fitting black dress and had applied makeup to achieve a refined look. The corners of her mouth were turned downwards, appearing to be two lines. Her appearance alone did not let her look good to interact with.

Zhong Yibin was taller and his body was wider than Chu Qin’s. The two of them sticking to each other resembled two nested dolls[3]. As they moved forward, the big bear covered the small bear, simultaneously causing their advance to lose momentum.

The individual can lose but the group must not. Chu Qin straightened his body, staring daring at Mother Zhong. “Mother, how can you[4] allow the guards to touch him when he is still unwell?”

Mother Zhong looked at the head perched on Chu Qin’s shoulder. Seeing that her son’s eyebrows were creased as if he was experiencing discomfort, she immediately glared at the bodyguards. “Mr Chu, I don’t remember inviting you into my house as a guest?” The implication was that this was a family matter that did not need his input.

At this juncture, he must not go along with her words. As a host of an entertainment show, Chu Qin was least afraid of people using words to provoke him. He stroked the arm in his embrace and said sorrowfully “He lost his memory, do you know just how scared people with amnesia are? Everybody is a stranger. Relatives, friends, even oneself, is all a blank. He gave all his trust to his mother, how could you lie to him?”

Mother Zhong was stunned speechless for a moment. Chu Qin did not give her a chance to speak, turning to coldly eye the embarrassed mother-daughter pair, “what about you, lying to a person who has amnesia, do you even have a conscience? Cheating someone into marrying you, this is rape, a crime!”

Su Ruiying’s eyes widened. Huh?

“Chu Qin, bring me with you,” Zhong Yibin said in a low voice, not looking at his mother.

Mother Zhong was startled, staring blankly at her son that was clinging to someone else. Without thinking, she opened her mouth, “not allowed to go!” She must not allow Chu Qin to bring her son away at all costs. This male vixen’s mouth was too poisonous. If she allowed him to bring her son away, don’t talk about having a normal daughter-in-law, she may even end up losing a son!

“Mother, he only recognizes me now. If he were to be with other people, he would definitely be afraid. Why don’t I take care of him for a few days and let his mood stabilisz before…”

In fact, Chu Qin had not thought that deeply. Seeing Zhong Yibin’s appearance, he could not feel safe leaving Zhong Yibin with the Zhong family. It would be better to bring him home and raise him himself.

“No!” Mother Zhong refused to agree.

Both parties remained in a deadlock. Just then, a sound of a whistle could be heard. The guards quickly stood in a line, receiving a black Bentley that was making its way in. The butler wearing white gloves stepped forward to open the car door. A long leg clad in a black suit appeared, the leather shoes meeting the slate floor with a thud.

The entire yard quietened in an instant. All the maids had their heads lowered and the guards honestly stood to the side. The butler greeted warmly, “Eldest young master.”

Chu Qin looked over. The approaching man was in his early thirties. He resembled Zhong Yibin by about 70% but his eyes were much deeper. If he had not guessed wrongly, this man should be Zhong Yibin’s elder brother, the Zhong family’s eldest son, Zhong Jiabin.

This elder brother had taken over the family business at the age of nineteen. He was the heir to the Zhong family.

Zhong Jiabin glanced at the people in the yard, frowned slightly and asked in a low and powerful voice, “what’s going on?” His presence was unquestionably majestic.

“Jiabin, you’ve finally arrived. Quickly control your brother, he wants to go with this male vixen, even his mother he also does not want!” Seeing that her eldest son had came back and she had gained a strong backing, she quickly complained.

Male…vixen? The corner of Chu Qin’s mouth twitched. What kind of title was this?

Surprisingly, Zhong Jiabin did not listen to his mother’s words. Seeing the two people stuck to each other and the pale, awkward expressions of the Su Ruiying mother and daughter, he enquired, “why is Ruiying here?”

“She came to pretend to be my fiancée,” Zhong Yibin sneered. He let go of Chu Qin’s shoulder, straightened his back and turned around while holding onto his hand. “Settle your own affairs, I’m leaving.”

Zhong Jiabin instantly understood what had occurred. “Nonsense!” He coldly reprimanded. This was the most important period for younger brother to recover his memories! Mother must have watched too many dramas to think up such a plot.

Zhong Yibin did not care for these people and wanted to drag Chu Qin to leave. Chu Qin kneaded his hands, indicating that there was no need for hurry. He faced the Zhong family’s eldest young master and said, “Mr Zhong, I apologize for the intrusion. Since Yibin only has memory of me now, considering his condition, may I take care of him for the next few days?”

Zhong Jiabin knew Chu Qin. The radiance exuding from him immediately turned onto Chu Qin and he silently gazed at him for a moment. He raised his hand, “Mr Chu, nice to meet you.”

Chu Qin quickly stretched out his hand and shaked hands with the Zhong family’s eldest son.

Zhong Jiabin glanced at his brother and the two people’s clasped hands. He sighed and inclined his head slightly, turning to the butler behind him and ordering, “bring second young master’s phone.”

The butler took Zhong Yibin’s phone out from his pocket and gave it to Zhong Jiabin

Zhong Jiabin gave the phone to Chu Qin and took out two cards for him. One was a gold credit card and the other was a business card, “then I will have to bother you for a while, contact me if there are any issues.”

Chu Qin examined the two thin cards. The business card was Zhong Jiabin’s personal business card, it only had his name and his phone number printed on it. The credit card should be for his younger brother’s living expenses. Initially, Chu Qin thought of rejecting it. His boyfriend should be taken care of by him. However, facing the Zhong family’s eldest son’s majesty, he could not muster the courage to do so. In the end, he had to thicken his skin and accept it.

After carrying Zhong Yibin who was in a good mood out the Zhong family’s main gate, Chu Qin quickly stuffed him inside his car and entered the car himself. From the corner of his eye, Chu Qin could see the Zhong Yibin’s shining eyes as he gazed at him and could not help laughing.

Hou Chuan who had been observing the process from inside the car, had long been scared out of his wits. Rich and powerful families were really awesome. They had bodyguards in the yard and could even nonchalantly order the bodyguards to hit their son with one remark. Luckily his mother was a worker at a cigarette factory. The most she had ever done when she was angry was whack him a few times with a pair of slippers… Now that he knew, he anxiously put the matter at the back of his mind and fled with a hum.

The author has something to say:

Small theater: <How to treat amnesia>

Er Bing: I have amnesia, need Qin Qin to get better!

Chu Qin: Coming, coming

Er Bing: What I’m saying is, I need kisses[5] to get better!

Chu Qin: ( ̄3 ̄)kiss~

Big Brother: →_→

[1] Ehh raws state 妈的智障 but I wasn’t sure how to put it in English so I just translated it directly. Its safe to assume it’s a way of cursing someone. If anyone has a better translation please inform me Thank you Raven Blues Day for the history lesson on curse words 😉

[2] 老子, a prideful way of addressing oneself that shows anger/contempt for the other party

[3] Russian nested dolls:


[4] Chu Qin is using 您, which is another word for ‘you’ that indicates respect

[5] There’s a play on words here – the word for kiss in Chinese is a homophone for the ‘Qin’ in Chu Qin’s name

Note: Sorry about all the design changes, I’m still playing around with all the features. Who knows, you might see dinosaurs as the header one day 😛

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! The impressive ML has been exchanged with a golden retriever! 😅 I would laugh more if the poor guy hadn’t last his memory & hadn’t found himself stuck with an awful mother! Thank goodness big bro has a brain & seems to be on the right side of the equation!

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  2. The curse word probably came from f*ck
    (你妈的) and mental retardation (智力低下) marrying together, so f*cking r*etard is my best answer.

    But then I found Reddit that talking about MDZZ which is the abbreviation for 妈的智障, and the other meaning is you f*ckin idiot (which is basically the same as my reasoning, so yeah) and it apparently came from a Korean comic named 10th dimension boys by Chutbu (if you enjoyed s*it joke [literally], you might want to read this comic) and someone from Taiwan translated that sentence into “妈的智障”, this word is very popular in Chinese website in 2016.

    (What am I teaching someone a curse word history?)

    Thank you for the hard work~

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